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  • 11 hours ago
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Charging for shipping now! This will be my last order and I hope you loose lots of customers . Dont really like the product anyway. Only ordering for a friend Add comment

I am a Independent Scentsy Consultant. I am new and learn everything the hard way. I am here to help with some information. The party has to be 200.00 before taxes and shipping. Free shipping on 200.00 orders and above. You may get a group of people together and place an order. You would collect the money and the orders and enter the Order and claim hostess rewards as you place the order. This is if you do not collect the money and give to consultant to do for you. If you do not live close to consultant you could contact consultant and... Read more

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Did 190.00 party , and received NOTHING FOR IT....due to my rep not even bothering to call me and tell me I was that close! She probably spent the other 10.00 herself and got the rewards for my party !!!!! Crooked sales rep.!!! Don't care about customers never bothered to contact me ...I would have at least gave my client the option so she could get her free stuff ....come on that's why we do a party !!!!! Read more

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NEVER AGAIN...Worst customer service ever...Spoke to local representative who didnt offer help or suggwstions. Spoke to 2 Customer Service reps...Put on hold when I requested to speak to a Supervisor for the 3rd time. Hung up after 10 minute hold. Wrote email requesting follow up call. Received a NoReply response saying I would be contacted within 24 hour. 3 days and NO followup. 2 problems but the MOST upsetting was the purchase of a gift to be mailed.IT was identified as a gift and had gift message. I received NO information via my email... Read more

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  • Apr 27
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I got my Scentsy burner as a gift a few years ago. I enjoyed it until tonight. I plugged my burner and the wall and within five minutes it started An electrical fire that burned up my Burner to the fact that it turned black and had a hole in the bottom of it. The wax on top never even melted. It also scorched my kitchen table and wall. Add comment

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  • Apr 21
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Jamie Gooslin will not return my call regarding a moldy travel tin Add comment

Was. Consultant under Abilgail Burke and when she had parties I bought hundreds of dollars from your company . I was told I would get points on thee card I was sent and even was an text message from Abgail Burke telling me the card was loaded . I ordered stuff that wasn't ever sent. She wrote diwnmy debit card saying she was placing my orders and I never got them , and certainly never received points for my card. I paid 99 dollars for consultant and paid vip to just receive points. Nothing . Called number on card it says 0 dollars after all I... Read more

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I was a Scentsty Consultant under Abilgail Burke. I bought hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth your products with the understanding from Abilgail, that I bought from her parties and I would receive points. Also I bought items , gave Abilgail Burke my debit card number and never received merchandise. Then I signed up for your Vip program and nothing! I received a credit card from you guys with absolutely nothing on it after I was told I was. I would like to be awarded for buying from you guys like I was promised. I was sent text message... Read more

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I have been a loyal Scentsy customer for the past 5 years. For all of the terrible reviews I've read on this site, I felt the need to write a good one. I have placed a ton of orders, have experienced only two minor issues. The first was an incorrect Scentsy bar. The consultant immediately realized what had happened, reordered the correct bar, and brought it to me within two weeks WITH a free bar for my trouble. It really wasn't "trouble" but I thought that was awesome. The second issue I had was with a bulb in a warmer that came in broken. I... Read more

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I ordered from Scentsy 3 weeks ago. I live in Montana. The company is based out of the same city my sister lives in in Idaho. It does not take that long to ship from one state to the next. Cant even track the shipping on Scentsy orders. Read more

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