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I ordered a diffuser and shade from an online scentsy party. One of the promos was buy one get a shade free. I pick out 2 different styles a blue shade and a neutral colored one. When I received my package it had 2 shades that were frosted with grey black on the bottom. Nothing close to what I ordered. I contacted the consultant and was told I couldn't return or even exchange the shades because they were on promo. Now I'm stuck with 2 shades... Read more

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I started selling for Scentsy a little over a year ago for several months. That's when I realized that my city alone was riddled with Scentsy consultants everywhere and because the woman who recruited me was a mutual friend- most of my friends were already her clients. I realized that lots of my friends who already liked scentsy and bought their products, already had consultants that they were loyal to. If I wanted to build this business I was... Read more

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I participated in a fundraiser for the Lady Giants organization. The money earned would go to support the cheerleading competition. My consultant Millie Rios never put in my order for $180.00 dollars worth of scentsy buddy clips that I sold at my job. She took the money, people who are deceitful and untrustworthy should not be selling products. My mistake was that I did not make a copy of the order form. Make sure if you buy products make a copy... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 15
  • #901048

I agree the scent doesn't last more than a couple of days. The scent I always used can only be found in a bring back bar every ciuple of years so i just don't buy the others. Disappointed with Scentsy.

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 07
  • #896413
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Hi ,i have had my sentsy wax melt for a while now ,and was very disapointed to discover there is a crack on the wax plate /or dish where i put ny melts ,is there any way you would be prepared to replace this dish or plate please it is the small round love melt style ,very much obliged if you would be so kind in supporting my plight with you .

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 25
  • #888046

The scents dont last anymore. Every year as they expand their line with products , the quality goes down. So sad because I love the variety in scents along with the longevity, but have not experienced this with Scentsy since 2010. Going back to candles.

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Justgota Travertine core warmer from america and turned on it melts wax in seconds Then it Burns it out The warmer is scalding hot and not safe at that scalding feel I dont no what to do,Got in touch with seller calamity Jane and she says warmer gets that so hot,Ive wasted money buying this and postage money as well SO ANGRY, Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 09
  • #879425

Certified Scentsy consultants will not be able to be located in their address finder starting next month. Very discriminatory practice! All consultants should let corporate know they are upset about this change.

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I have just lost my best friend ,because of your product. The permutation of your product hampers breathing to the point where I am filling the sink with chunks coming from my lungs and the cause is your product. I am a shy person, and easily taken advantage of, as I will turn the other cheek, when the stink starts I dread life. It's that bad!!!!!!!!! The friend I have lost is also my soul mate of 16 years, for some reason, almost 2 months since... Read more

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My last two orders of scentsy melts don't even smell...done paying that much money for something that no longer rep has given me extra bars but to no avail...they use to smell I'm lucky if I even get the scent in one room let alone the whole house like they were before...It's very disappointing as I really enjoyed them and didn't mind paying the money for burners still work fine,I have no complaints Read more

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