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Scentsy allows directors to do what they want...example Osburns is allowed to create advertising on Google against policy to advertise licensed goods with license wording that are regularly restricted by every other single consultant. They do not have to use th consultant logo as everyone else. Jennifer Burton aka the scent girl is also allowed to do this and many other directors. Look on Google shopping and see how they break the... Read more

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Scentsy - The MISUNDERSTANDING of your someone having the authority to
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IF your Director did in fact "Cancel your Account" are you claiming without knowledge ? Maybe you should seek legal representation, that isn't allowed at any level of sales or working in general to withhold your last check. I know Orville and Heidi personally (to those that don't know, they are the married couple that started this Multi Billion dollar sales company per year) & they started it on a tight shoestring after Orville had lost his... Read more

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Interesting. I just purchased an order over 200.00 from Scentsy online and had my product within three business days.. I also live in an apartment building. Your product is sent via delivery agent.. not Scentsy themselves. My consultant was able to provide me with a UPS tracking number less than 24 hours after I made my purchase.. As someone who is not only a customer but an expeditor for one of America's largest corporations, I'm just curious... Read more

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  • May 16
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I agree with previous poster. The wax melts just aren't as strong as they used to be. I would rather buy yhe better homes brand from walmart fir half the price. Add comment

I bought a oil diffuser , for 130.00 , and with in 3 months it quite working , so i went back to my contact to get it replaced by them . And i was recharged 21.00 , for a new just the bottom part of the oil diffuser . I was always told that scentsy had a life time warranty . And my rep told me that was her charge to pass on to the customer , and also for every tart burrner that they turn back in it cost , the... Read more

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Was a consultant for Scentsy. Unless you are up the food chain, you are going to struggle. They give preferential treatment to the directors and do not follow their own standards. There are numerous directors and consultants selling on eBay and they do nothing about it. They allow deceptive advertising and only reprimand those on the bottom. Disappointed all around as I had high expectations for this company. Read more

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  • May 03
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Charging for shipping now! This will be my last order and I hope you loose lots of customers . Dont really like the product anyway. Only ordering for a friend Add comment

I am a Independent Scentsy Consultant. I am new and learn everything the hard way. I am here to help with some information. The party has to be 200.00 before taxes and shipping. Free shipping on 200.00 orders and above. You may get a group of people together and place an order. You would collect the money and the orders and enter the Order and claim hostess rewards as you place the order. This is if you do not collect the money and give... Read more

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Did 190.00 party , and received NOTHING FOR IT....due to my rep not even bothering to call me and tell me I was that close! She probably spent the other 10.00 herself and got the rewards for my party !!!!! Crooked sales rep.!!! Don't care about customers never bothered to contact me ...I would have at least gave my client the option so she could get her free stuff ....come on that's why we do a party !!!!! Read more

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NEVER AGAIN...Worst customer service ever...Spoke to local representative who didnt offer help or suggwstions. Spoke to 2 Customer Service reps...Put on hold when I requested to speak to a Supervisor for the 3rd time. Hung up after 10 minute hold. Wrote email requesting follow up call. Received a NoReply response saying I would be contacted within 24 hour. 3 days and NO followup. 2 problems but the MOST upsetting was the purchase of a gift to be... Read more

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