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There are facebook groups popping up all over the country for local swap and sell.If you see Scentsy reps on yours selling bars and bricks at half cost, beware!

I had TWO reps in my area sell bars and bricks at a discount saying they had a lot of overstock they wanted to clear out. Well, i bought a couple of bars from the one lady to find that she had very obviously used and repoured the wax. I wanted to see if the other Scentsy rep was doing the same and sure enough she was also.

I was very disappointed to see that these ladies- both of which are currently still local representatives of the company, are selling products as new when they are obviously not.If this was my first experience with Scentsy I would never buy again.


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I would be upset too.Don't judge all Scentsy on those two people.

That is against compliance to sell on media and if Scentsu knew they were, they would no longer be allowed to be a consultant with them. I have had the same thing happen to me when I've bought from people I didn't know and they've had too much stock or whatever and I don't know if they were old or repoured. I don't think I could ever prove it. That's why they have to direct you to their website to purchase or host a party where you would also be getting the product directly from the company .

Otherwise it's our own fault for buying stock when we don't actually see it first.

to Anonymous #1414891

Actually that is inaccurate information. We DO NOT have to direct to website. Many of us carry stock on hand for vendor shows or cash and carry in general.


How can you tell if something has been used and repoured back in?

to Anonymous Kokomo, Indiana, United States #1177572

Look at the pictures they posted


I'm a Scentsy consultant as well. I agree with Trinity. Some people have been complaining about the rules and regs that keep popping up, but they are coming into play because too many people are scamming others like this. It's a real shame when quick money is worth tarnishing your name, AND the business you worked for!

I would recommend finding someone in your own network to serve as your consultant, or place all your orders yourself, online. You end up paying extra shipping, and maybe funding a consultant that isn't worth it... but it's better to be safe than sorry if you don't have a consultant you know you can trust =/

DO contact Scentsy yourself to report these issues tho' If you need contact numbers, or email addy's you can email me at KitKayJules@gmail.com


Update: I did report these two reps to Scentsy.I also reported them to the group page owner for selling used items as new.

I saw that the two reps are friends on facebook and probably part of the same sales team, so I hope their director is informed. It's one of those things where I knew it was too good to be true, but I was out of Scentsy and thought I'd try it since so many other people were buying. Also I figured that there was no way they used that many bars and were selling them.

I was wrong!Definitely stick with your trusted rep.


I have placed an order over a month ago and have yet to receive it.I hosted a basket party and I feel responsible for everyone who placed an order from me.

I keep getting the run around each time I inquire.

How do I get hold of someone to get this checked into?By the,way I am not the only one who is waiting there's others and after comparing the excuses we are hearing things are looking very fishy.


Being a former Scentsy rep I never did this but I did hear of others that would..I needed to break away from the Scentsy Kool Aid..

I joined Pink Zebra and it is wonderful..

The company sells all american grown soy candles and products and everything is dye free and animal fre testing..Look for me online at pinkzebrahome dot com /withsprinkles

to Seanie the Candle Guy... #1194893

So you traded 1 MLM for another one? Good job!


Many reps are out for themselves and do not play as a team...If anyone has an issue with Scentsy there are other companies out there...

Pink Zebra is the latest to offer all american soy fragrances and I would love to show you my product line..

And if you mention you came from this site I will throw in an extra bonus..www.pinkzebrahome.com/withsprinkles

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