Had scentsy hanging air freshener in my truck and was barely touching my plastic bezel around my stereo. Well it melted the plastic.

***. So I put it in my sun visor mirror to throw it away when I got home. Well you guessed it. It melted the plastic cover of the vanity mirror.

THIS STUFF CANNOTBE SAFE IF IT ISDOING THIS. approx $300 in damage just to replace the two items.

Besides the scent did not last that long and for the price I can getter better stuff at the auto parts store for a lot less than this dangerous stuff.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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If it melted the plastic on one part of your car, why would you put it near another plastic part of your car? And sorry, but like everyone else has said, they do have warnings on the package not to let it touch your car interior...I'm all for pushing rules but when you do that you assume liability for the damage.

Personally, I wouldn't repair the damage, I would keep it as a punishment to myself for the error, but that's just me.

I couldn't justify spending $300 to replace two fairly insignificant plastic pieces that were damaged due to my own negligence to follow basic directions.

I do agree that the scent seems to run out very quickly!


EVERY car freshener on the market has essential oil in it, that oil will damage plastic. Thats common sense folks, this is not isolated to just Scentsy trust me.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #675660

I agree with BriMan (although not his tone). I have had the same type of damage done to the plastic on my cars dash.

But it was caused by one of those pinetree-shaped air fresheners.

Columbia, Maryland, United States #659206

Can you read?? It CLEARLY states on ALL air fresheners that the oils can cause damage.

Not just on Scentsy Circles, but all hanging car air fresheners...

Don't blame Scentsy because you didn't follow the directions! :roll


Call Scentsy Consultant support. They do not take missing customer orders lightly. If you have proof of purchase they will generally ship your missing items that day and then go after the consultant on your behalf.

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