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Update by user Jan 13, 2017

My update is I truly love the product. This would have been my fourth warmer had I received it.

I buy on average of 12 or more senses a month as I have it burning all the time. I was ready to put in another order but will not now.

Original review posted by user Jan 12, 2017

Ordered the Stargaze early in January as I understand they were very popular. My rep confirmed that my order was in on time and it would ship in a few days.

Today the order came in but of course no Stargaze. What the ***? I know it's not my reps fault however why would I order anything again. You take my money when I place my order, I expect to get my product.

On average I spend over $1000.00 a year on Scentsy but I will have to rethink my purchases going forward.

I may not get the quality at a candle store but at least I'm receiving what I pay for. Sorry Scenty, not happy.

Review about: Scentsy Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Glad to be reading all this. My rep actually had some on hand but she refused to sell one to me because she was wanting to see if she could sell it at a vendor event in order to gain a new customer.

I told her I'd pay her right then to secure it. She refused. Said she would let me know tonight after the event was over to let me know if it was still available. I texted her and send her a fb message.

She has not responded. But I know she got the message. If she did or didn't have it she'd say. She's just messing with me.

And now seeing how disappointed some people are im not risking getting one that doesn't live up to the hype. Not for $50.

So sick of this selfish *** from some reps. I used to be a rep myself and I would NOT do this to a customer just to hopefully get a new one.

Just cuz I am a current customer doesn't mean I am less important.


New Bern, North Carolina, United States #1291709

Ordered the star gaze warmer. Gave consulant extra money to ship it to him and still haven't received the product .

She want send a tracking number to me andon't said she sent it out Feb. 9th still no product.

Never ever ever again no warmer and no money back . Sad.


I completely agree with you. Scentsy has been sliding for about 4 years.

In the last 10 months, something has happened over there. I understand that it is the most disorganized place to work ever. The IT function is in a shambles, which explains why the "sales" never quite work. The corporate office keeps "improving" things and it's never really an improvement.

Seems like they are all winging it, and who gets hurt? The customers. And the consultants. But heidi and orville keep laughing all the way to the bank.

Even some of their higher-ups are sick of them.

I agree--go to a different company with values.

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada #1281613

I wouldn't get your hopes up for when it comes

I just got mine and it's not at all as what they are advertising and my rep tried to get me a new one but they said that it's "normal"

Mine only has one faint colour to it and it's all warped looking

Very disappointed...

It was obviously rushed to be made

to Anonymous Pickering, Ontario, Canada #1285067

Your so right. I finally got mine and I am totally not impressed.

This is the last one I will ever buy. I was given a extra wax bar due to the delay and it must of been one that was not a popular scent.

It barely smells and even with the bars I did order the smell only lasts for like 20 minutes. Something has changed.very expensive and not worth it anymore.

to Anonymous #1316749

I just received mine last week. My consultant ordered 4 total and thankfully I had first pick.

He told me that since so many were ordered that a ton of then had little to no color and that you could exchange them but ciykdnt guarantee the next would be better. Out of the 4, 2 had nice bright colors, 1 was bright pink with just yellow highlights, and one was pastel at best.

The only reason I ordered this warmer was because of the bright colors. I am happu with mine but feel bad for the people that will get the dull ones.

to Talia Sioux City, Iowa, United States #1348490

Mine was dull as well. Agreed with the rush order theory!

Very disappointed! !!!!

And they won't let me exchange it! Will not be ordering again!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1272684

Your consultant has a list of shipping times - ask her exactly WHEN she placed the order so you know when it will arrive. The EARLIEST they will arrive is the end of January and that is only for orders placed between 3 am and 5 am EST (midnight MST and two hours after that).

I stayed up to get my orders placed but if the consultants were unable to stay up, they won't be in until March or later (from my understanding). I will say they are well worth the wait so try to hang tight!

to Anonymous #1285028

I placed my order at 12:15 a.m. on Jan.

1. I was in the batch that was mailed on the last day of January.

Scentsy is simply not a truthful company. Never again.

I am DONE with them. Many better companies out there.

to Anonymous Grand Island, Nebraska, United States #1299986

My rep got mine placed Jan 1 before 5 am. The company said she would have them the end of January, and then the end of February.

She finally received them March 6 and they are nothing what is advertised.

No color to them at all. False advertising Scentsy!!!!

Gulfport, Mississippi, United States #1270581

These are on serious backorder, they had record sales. You will get your warmer, it will just take a little longer. It looks like it's worth the wait, it is gorgeous!

to Anonymous #1285029

It's really not all that great. I have mine and, eh.

The problem isn't record sales.

The problem is that the management of Scentsy is completely disheveled and disorganized. No wonder it's such a mess over there.

Waterville, Maine, United States #1270491

Unfortunately, more warmers were purchased of this warmer than our prior best seller sold in an entire year. Per home office, "If you placed an order for Stargaze by 1:59 a.m.

PT Jan. 1, your warmer will ship by the end of January.

" If your order was placed after that, it has been back-ordered past the end of January.

If you do not wish to wait for your warmer to come off backorder, you can get in touch with your consultant about cancelling that portion of your order and getting a refund.

Elliston, Virginia, United States #1270192

They are backordered and being shipped as quickly as possible.

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