I loved Scentsy. I always bought the big scents (blocks) however they took those away and now only sell the small ones!

Well I swear they have done something different to the product as well. I could burn for a week or 2 and still smell my scent but now I get a day out of it! I was thinking of becoming a rep but now I'm not so sure of that. I can I sell a product I can't stand behind.

And this is how I know its true that something has changed. I bought some new and old scents a few times and they only lasted for a day. I found so e of my old ones that are over a year old and I have been burning them for a week and still smell as if I just put in a new scent!!!!

So does anyone have any thoughts on this? Very unhappy!!!

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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Columbia, Mississippi, United States #822724

The light in my burner takes for ever to melt my wax. Bought new light bulb from consultant still will not melt wax.

Changed wax an burner and wax. Still takes for ever to melt.

Wax does not smell? What is wrong!

to Meme #894016

I agree with you that the wax takes forever to melt!

I was told that it should take 20 minutes max.

Don't get me wrong, Scentsy warmers are absolutely gorgeous, probably the best out there, but in terms of melting they're not so great.

I have a Yankee Candle warmer and any type of wax I put in it, including Scentsy, melts right away and that's what I want!

I don't want to wait for an hour for my wax to completely melt!

This is something that is holding me back from selling Scentsy. :(

Memphis, Tennessee, United States #738769

I agree with this completely when I first started buying the scents they lasted at least a week, 1 cube (this would b e worth the money) but not I get MAYBE a day out of it and its just not cost effective when I have 4 of them...

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #688293

I have a costumer who was burning the same cube for a few weeks..only thru the night but all night she would burn it...she said yea it takes a bit longer for the room to fill up but once it does the room still smells strong! Is your only problem the smell isn't lasting as long?

Maybe try a new scent? See if something new changes your opinion!

Houston, Texas, United States #648034

This is exactly why I joined The Limu Company!


I can barely get a half day of scent with the newer lines. The cubes from Wal-mart last longer. Guess I'll stop wasting my money on this stuff.


Are you using the same scents? Sometimes you can become use to the scents so you won't smell them the way you use to.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #602235

Im very upset also. The scent disappears way too quick. Feel as if im wasting money bigbtime.

to Nikki06 Jackson, Mississippi, United States #619404

i sell scentsy i have notice it too

what i do is put onecube in at time and start peeling the rest

in to the warmer when you cant smell it if you have a open house like me you need more warmers and plugin

also you can put in refrigator to refresh the smell

pour in the case and refresh

let me know i am will to help get the smell back to you

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