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I live in the same city as Scentsy headquarters, in Meridian Idaho. I have 5 big complaints as a Scentsy consultant.

1. The people who work at Scentsy treat me like cattle. They won't let consultants who live less than a mile away come in to trade a broken item, for example, with one that isn't broken. They have me mail it in and then they mail it back.

2. It's over-saturated with consultants. Living in Meridian, too, is like wall to wall consultants. You will hear "Oh, it's your own BUSINESS," but Scentsy will ruin your trust in humankind by charging you monthly for your website, charging you more than it's worth for consultant supplies (like order forms and party testers).

3. I've been a consultant for almost 4 years. You need to know that NO ONE can make a profit with Scentsy unless you are willing to recruit a "downline." You need about a dozen who will bring in money every month in order to make a decent amount. But consultants don't last long. Either they didn't know about building a team or they didn't know it was such a rigid system, and expensive!

4. Scentsy administration doesn't give a whit about you, a consultant. You'll get a birthday greeting but it's hollow.

5. See that picture? That's the multi-billion dollar building that was built off of consultants' backs. They make good money. But just try to have anything done for you. Call customer support and ask to do, oh, anything, and they will say no.

6. Guess how much money I've made over the last 4 years? Nothing. I'm actually in debt around $8,000 because of having to purchase inventory, then having it sit because you can't sell it.

7. Guess where your money goes? The owners are heavy duty Mormons. They tithe, 10% of their salary. So for every $100 you make for the company, $10 goes to that corrupt Mormon church. Do you really want to support them?

Scentsy--what a scam. Don't do it. Even with $99, it is out to get you.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $8000.

Preferred solution: Warn other unsuspecting people that the $99 business offer will cost you thousands..

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I have a consultant and have been for the last seven months. I don’t have to keep stock I just keep a minimum so if someone wants to have a party I can show them the product but I use that product at my house.

I’ve made money because I’ve hit certified and I get 25% commission off whatever order is placed including my own because I like a lot of our warmers. Is there anything I can do or say That might make a difference?


How are you 8000.00 in debt over scentsy? You are not required to keep inventory with scentsy.

Sounds like someone went way in over their head.

Your comment on their religion was uncalled for.

That comment tells me what kind of consultant you were.

Just because you bombed at this job doesn't mean it was scentsy fault. Don't post hateful comments against someone when you are to blame.

to Anonymous #1411931

Sounds like someone (the person making this comment) is a member of the Mormon church! They are the only ones who fall on their swords for the billionaires who run the company.

For the rest of us heathens, it’s gotten to be a really old story. Multi-level marketing is unethical.


I have been a consultant since 2012, and I honestly don't see it the way you do. Maybe it's easier for us out of state?

I love Scentsy, their products and the founders.

I had a warmer break on me, the wiring went wrong. I called Scentsy consultant support and she had me choose another warmer in the same price category. It came within 7 days later. I couldn't get the same one since it was long retired, but I was able to choose another newer design that I loved.

They also emailed me a shipping label to send back the old one.

I had missing testers from a new transition tester set, and they sent me the missing ones right away.

I've never had issues with Scentsy and it's been 5 years for me. I know most people that are consultants in my area also love Scentsy!

$8,000 in debt? Whose fault is that? Maybe you didn't budget wisely.

And for the record, after reading many complaints on here, a SCAM is only DECLARED when you aren't happy.

Scentsy is an accredited company with the Direct Sales Association. Scentsy is super easy to sell. Everytime I order bars, I sell them right away! Maybe you need to take some training again, which is all available in your workstation.

Just because it didn't work out for YOU, doesn't mean it's a SCAM. Look up the definition.

That word is so misused, it makes me sick. I love Scentsy, wonderful company and all the warmers have a LIFETIME guarantee.

to Anonymous #1329771

P.S. All those consultant supplies you're whining about?

They are reasonably priced.

And, if you ran your business correctly, would know that it's all a tax write off! Learn how to run a business!


What a whiner. No one told you to buy stock that YOU the business owner cant sell.

Having consultants walk in off the street because they live close to Headquarters isnt professional. Orderliness is good! And regardless of what they spend their profits on is hardly your concern now is it? Your failing in this company is exactly that-YOUR failing.

Tour business sense isnt too bright to be honest. Who buys stock to sell when a system is in place already to place orders regularly and deliver. You got burned from your own choices.

Dont blame the company orthe Mormon faith. Its all you.

Everett, Washington, United States #1270181

I'm just gonna put a big DUH! here.

When will people quit falling for the all too good to be true claims made by all of the multi-level marketing companies?

Anyone who thinks they'll make a bazillion dollars selling any or the products by Scentsy, Avon, Mary Kay, Amway or any of the plethora of other ones is walking around with thier head in the clouds. There's no such thing as easy money.

to Anonymous #1371734

Well that’s not true with all direct sale businesses. My friend sells It Works she went from being on food stamps livingbin government housing to a millionaire selling It Works.

If you know what you doing you can make money. I for one suck at direct sale business lol

Roseville, California, United States #1255560

Yes, I had the same experience with Scentsy too. They are the worst and the product is over priced..not to mention we the consultants pay for everything..books, bags and all he supplies.

They are a bad company. I was a consultant for 4 years and never made a dime..in fact I'm in debt because of there bad customer service.

to Anonymous #1418826

I’m a consultant and have been for months I’ve done quite well with selling and I’m not in debt with the company or in general. Is there anything I can do to be of service? I believe in teamwork and I’m not trying to recruit you I have no hidden agenda but I do believe we should help each other so I would love for you to reach out to me if you’re willing to see if we can find some type of a resolution to any issues you have.

to Anonymous #1420671

"books, bags and all he supplies."

What did you expect?

You're supposed to be some kind of business person.

Think on this, if you were running a brick and mortar franchise like a burger joint, do you think the cups, boxes, condiments etc. come free?

Even a non-branded website for your business costs money.

You have to spend $$ to make $$.

Don't spend it until you have a real plan beyond bothering your friends and family to buy this stuff or any other MLM game.

There are plenty of resources out there for the MLM hustle. Check them out before plopping down your money because someone who claims to have achieved(insert status) and works from home while raising their kids said it's so easy.

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