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this company is based around who can suck up to each other. the company rules suck and only pocket money for the 2 monkeys that own it.

glad to see that other companies have stepped up and started making similar products. I no longer sell their crap and don't have to deal with the *** kissing. If your a Star or top leader, what do you think they do. Kiss up to the reps below, know why?

so the more you make the more they make. You can NEVER post anything negative about the products or company. Oh my maybe someone wont buy, keep the lies going girls.

Its a pathetic company and pathetic girls selling it. Yay for getting out.

Reason of review: company just wants their money.

Monetary Loss: $500.

I didn't like: Company bs and how the 2 monkeys profitted off of everyone.

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go back to McDonald’s. I hate when people can cut it and then try to blame others because they have no TACT or INTERPERSONAL skills. It’s called being an adult. You have to learn to kiss butt every once in awhile.

It’s like when you tell your wife she isn’t fat, or you don’t cuss in front of your grandparents. Those are lies, but you curve your personallity to match the situation you are in. My wife usually quits everything she does. She started with Scentsy, invested $1500 into it.

We setup at small 1 times events around our area on holidays. We have made our investment back, we have made a profit based off the 25% commission policy that is setup. Your problem is that you don’t understand that everybody likes different smells. I like lighter smells, my wife likes fruity smells.

I find fruity smells repulsive. You have to accept that you cant tell your potential customer that you hate that smell or you don’t like it.

Let them decide for themselves. It’s called being a salesman Or Woman

to Mike #1418833

I enjoy selling our product. I have a great time looking for the right warmer to fit a household.

And when I give it as a gift people are stoked. I am a woman but I know men who sell the product and are very successful! I’m in love with our laundry product. And when I buy my laundry product I get 25% commission just by buying laundry products for myself which is awesome and I smell fantastic.

I also have warmers for every season and every time someone comes over they comment on how adorable or amazing each warmer is. I have heard of headaches from certain wax bars but most of those people have some type of a scent allergy. I use a diffuser every night in my bedroom and I use rest but if I’m sick I use eucalyptus. And I make 25% commission when I buy that too.

I think it’s a great company to buy from or to sell the product and you can start selling when we run specials or it’s $49 to start and you get a warmer and free wax bar and different smells we have. It’s incredible, Because you’re paying for exactly what you’re getting so it’s not like you’re losing money or you’re just paying to sell you actually get product every time you sign up!

I get 25% commission for counter cleaners I can’t complain when I get money for product that I use regularly and would have to buy from a store only this comes direct to my door. I highly suggest it to anyone.

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