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Good day. I am writing to bring to your attention a fire hazard your product clearly posses.

I had purchased a warmer some time ago and have used sparingly over the past year.. I plugged it in yesterday and the unit catch fire before my eyes. Thankfully only my counter top was ruined along with the unit itself. Had I walked away from the unit and it happened I would have likely have suffered a large fire loss.

Given this product was basically new I am shocked still at what happened.

Your electrical component's should be investigated. Thank you for reading.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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If it was indeed a Scentsy warmer I would contact the consultant you purchased from or Customer Support yourself. Scentsy DOES NOT take these situations lightly. If a warmer is defective they need to be aware of it and all warmers, diffusers and buddies (as well as some other products) have a lifetime warranty and this indeed is a cause for concern.


sisters house burned down last night because of a scentsy warmer,


Well ya... they’re made in China.. what do you expect

to Sam- former consultant1 #1518195

They are not made in China. Each warmer is handmade and painted. Some products to produce may have come from China, but what doesn't?


I had a few customers that this happened to as well.


My warmer just caught fire! Also burned my newly installed countertops as well ,and you can bet I'll be calling scentsy Monday!!

everything about the warmer is 100% scentsy!!

If you want pictures my email is a.kniola @ Gmail. Com

to Anonymous #1334846

I had a similar situation.... What model was you warmer?


I'm currently fighting with Scentsy on recent damage to my new installed countertop. There was a fire that was started underneath the scentsy which burned 1" hole into my new installed countertop.

Scentsy had me return the unit along with two estimates on the damage to fix. Before I mailed in the Scentsy I took the item to a lighting specialist to give me some thoughts on what caused the damage. He said there was a diffenate short in the wiring. So after review Scentsy is blaiming this damage on the light bulb not the Scentsy and refuse to mail back the Damaged Scentsy.

They said to pursue a lawyer knowing that the $2500 damage is not worth hiring a lawyer. I'm just lucky that we were home and to stop any further damage and any fatal damage this could have caused. They also sent us a replacement.


to Bennett530 Louisville, Kentucky, United States #1303565

What was the name of the warmer that caught fire?

to Bennett530 #1421767

If the bulb you used wasn’t theirs it’s your own fault.. it says in their return policy that if you use any products besides Scentsy with their products, YOU aware liable for any damages.

There’s a reason they say to only use their bulbs.. other brand bulbs are higher watt


I honestly believe alot of people call other brands that arent scentsy, " scentsy". I have an older neighbor that has a random warmer from walmart and she says its scentsy all the time.

And uses a 40w bulb in it. I guarentee if it caught fire she would call scentsy bc she just thinks they are all theirs.

to Anonymous Montreal, Quebec, Canada #1257038

My wife happened to take one of hers apart and yes it I a scentsy product and it also has burnedaround the light socket so stop defending them

to Anonymous #1354825

Why did she have to take it apart to see if it was scentsy warmer? All she would have to do is look on the bottom of the warmer for the scentsy logo.

to Anonymous #1412538


to Anonymous #1435393

I can say for a fact that my burner was a Scentsy warmer (Brand name) and mine caught fire last night not even turned on. So it has nothing to do with the bulb or using something that isnt Scentsy it is a defect we also have a two inch circle burn mark in our counter tops as well.

to Anonymous #1385451

I have a night light style warmer that IS Scentsy and it is now unplugged because in the off position...the slightest vibration turns on the unit. Even trolling across the floor turns it on.....needs a recall

to Wendynne #1394122

The base is defective and can be replaced for free


Min did the same thing this morning and if I wasn't in front of it right when it happened my house would have caught fire. It's clearly the electric cord component that is next to where you screw in the light bulb. I am warning everyone I know if the have one unplug immediately and throw away.

to Anonymous #1059880

Now, there are many complaints of legitimate scentsy burners catching fire. Don't dismiss unless it has happened to you. Happened to my niece this morning and she sells the overpriced stuff


There are a number of reasons why this could have happened. First of all, it's NOT a coincidence that it happened WHILE you were home.

More electricity is used when we're home and the likely culprit here was a surge in power, or the use of a faulty bulb with the incorrect wattage. Any electrical product CAN cause a fire, because you're dealing with electricity (doesn't take a genius to figure that out). However, a Scentsy warmer is no more dangerous, in fact, it's LESS dangerous than a table lamp. Table lamps typically use anywhere from a 40 watt to a 60 watt lightbulb.

Scentsy warmers use, at most, a 25 watt light bulb. The power output in that is minimal. If you go buy replacement bulbs in places such a Wal-Mart or the hardware store, you're likely not buying the correct wattage. Just because the bulb "fits" in the warmer does not make it the correct wattage.

Also, if you were to contact Scentsy instead of posting on a webpage for attention on something that is putting out misinformation, then they would have taken care of this in an efficient manner. They would have taken the warmer back, at no cost to you to send it back, to investigate the warmer. To date, ZERO warmers have been the cause of starting fires. ZERO.

These are tests that are conducted by companies OUTSIDE of Scentsy and therefore have nothing to gain by claiming such. The fires are almost always one of the two reasons I already mentioned. Faulty wiring in homes can also cause fires, or faulty outlets- those should be replaced once they do not have a strong, secure hold on your items' plugs. There are a number of reasons why this could have started, and just because the fire is within the Scentsy warmer, does NOT mean the Scentsy warmer is the cause.

It is simply the means to the source. I would have an electrician out to your home to inspect the wiring and all of the other appliances in your home currently plugged in. Do you unplug your TV every time you aren't using it? Your microwave?

The number of fires caused by those two items is immeasurable, and yet no one quits buying them or quits using them. Think before you speak.

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