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I keep seeing all of these negative reviews about Scentsy so I feel I have to step in a defend this company. 1 year ago I had no idea what Scentsy even was, and then a friend posted the Chasing Fireflies warmer and I purchased it- 5 months later I joined her team!

I have had regular jobs before, I have had commission sales jobs before- I even own my own wedding decor business and work for myself so I think I can compare all the alternatives safely.

--People complain that Scentsy will kick them out if they don't sell enough products..... they ask that you sell min $150 ONCE every 3 MONTHS- that is not much product and not much to ask for- what job can you have where they say- as long as you do SOMETHING in 3 months, we won't fire you?- and that is a way to protect the company yes, but keep in mind they have expenses you will never know about concerning each rep- website fees, taxes, etc that they have a responsibility to pay- if you are not working your business, why would they want the extra expense? It's not that difficult to come up with the $150- especially when they give you 3 whole months! Like any business you own- and that is what Scentsy virtually is- YOUR OWN BUSINESS- you don't have a boss to tell you what to do every hour, you don't have a set schedule to follow, so if you are a follower- you will get lost in this atmosphere and hate it- because no one is telling you step by step what to do to succeed- if you are a leader, you will take that freedom to challenge yourself, do what it takes, tweak your process when needed and rise to the occasion- get out there and host parties, make samples, do events, post on Facebook, have a group where your friends can see what's new- it's not difficult, or very physical, but so may people don't want to do that work and would rather complain that "Scentsy's too hard to sell!"

I have no time for excuses or complaints- I grew up poor and will do anything and everything in my power to never get to that point again- Including lowering myself to leave catalogs in the places I go anyways- or you know, you could just stick to whatever physically demanding, underpaying job you currently have.....

--I see other complaints about there being so many reps it's not worth it- With that attitude, no it probably isn't. How many people do you know that AREN'T Scentsy reps? Now how many reps do you know that know all of those people? Plus not to mention everyone who SELLS Scentsy may not actually work their businesses and grind for it, so just because they're there doesn't mean they're doing anything. There is plenty of business to go around and I am constantly running into people who still have never even heard of Scentsy! If I let the 15 reps in the 5 block radius of my house deter me from starting and at least trying, I would be broke, struggling and in more debt- I am not claiming Scentsy has taken care of all of my financial needs, but with my other responsibilities and the minimal work I can say I have done with Scentsy in the 5 months of joining, it has definitely helped a lot of situations where I needed money for a bill or something and wouldn't have had it any other way had it not been for Scentsy- even selling stock I have accumulated when I was in a bind- that $40 for an extra warmer I and laying around was $40 more than I had when I woke up that day, which in my book is a good return on investment in the grand scheme of things.

--As for the pyramid scheme thing- I totally understand why people have this mindset- I had it too when I got the messages from my rep friends asking me to join their teams- and it wasn't until even after I joined that I realized it wasn't like that at all- I just figured as long as I get mine, who cares where the rest- I needed extra money and I live in the unemployment capitol of Canada (almost literally) so it was almost my only shot. The way I understand pyramid schemes is you sign someone up under you, take that persons money and that person will get their money back plus more once they sign people up under them, who in turn will make money by signing more people up- which is totally what Scentsy DOES NOT do! In fact- nobody gets any bonuses or commissions off recruits- so you could sign 50 people up under you and you won't make a dime- you have to encourage your team and support them (which you don't get in a pyramid), and they have to be selling (making their own money) for you to even qualify to get paid anything from their sales- and your cut as the recruiter comes off the company's end of the profits, not the rep you recruited, so they will always get the commissions they were promised, no matter what rank they promote to- so eventually the company will end up with a SMALLER amount for each order, the more you build your team (the so called pyramid).

And they keep you honest by making you work for your pay too- so you can't sit back and live off everyone else's work- If you want to get paid off your teams hard work you have to have a minimum sales quota each month (which as a business owner, is completely fair to me). Sounds reasonable right?

--The one complaint that always grinds my gears (lol) is when people say it's too expensive to join-aaahhh!!!!! In Canada it costs $119- roughly $140 after taxes and shipping (only $99 in the U.S.)- and in that cost you get A WHOLE BUSINESS!!- Not including the warmers, waxes testers of ALL the scents and products you will get that would cost more than the cost of the kit wholesale, or the order forms and catalogs and other business material that you get that will help your business, you get the right be call yourself self employed- so behind the scenes you get tax write offs, websites, free trips ad products and the potential to make as much money as you want to work! To start any other business you would be looking at a heck of a lot more that $140- believe me, I know!

I am about to earn a FREE ALL EXPENSE PAID TRIP TO DISNEY WORLD and I am sure that costs a heck of a lot more than the $140 I have already made back over and over again!

I bet we all have spent $140 on sillier, less profitable things, so why is it not worth it to pretty much invest in yourself?!

Joining Scentsy has been one of the best choices I have ever made and I am willing to put the work in that is needed to build my team, build my brand (get my name out there) and be just like the success stories you see at the top of the pyramid- my team has the drive and motivation to do the same, so I know we will succeed. We work together to do just that and the support, encouragement, and friendships I have gained is what makes all the difference when joining a company like this.

If you are in a situation where you are broke, unemployed, staying at home to care for loved ones, or just plain old bored and are thinking about taking charge and doing something that could change your whole life (and Scentsy HAS changed many lives!!),

feel free to contact me- I would love to tell you more of my story and why I think this could work for almost anybody- don't come to me with bad attitudes or excuses- ain't nobody got time for that!

Come to me with determination, fearlessness and the will to give it an honest try! I can't guarantee you WILL be banking thousands, but I can guarantee you if you're coachable and willing to learn and get out of your comfort zone by doing what's necessary to grow your business you COULD.

The worst case scenario- you end up with a box of testers and a warmer you can keep

Best Case- THE WORLD!!

Contact me at thatcrazyscentsylady@gmail.com

The only thing we know for sure is if you don't try, it will NEVER work!

Reason of review: I'm Greatful.

I liked: Opportunity, Products, Representatives.

I didn't like: Bad publicity we get.

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I am the original poster of this review and now I retract everything I said. It was all fun and games when I was making this company money but When I really needed Scentsy and their reps they all turned their backs on me....read more of my story here http://supermombattles.blogspot.ca/2016/05/how-scentsy-ruined-my-life.html?m=1




you can be my scentsy rep


Well said. I too am a consultant in the Uk though and it is exactly the same here.

You get back what you put in and more. It is a fabulous product, re-order sales are great and not one person who has bought from me has ever complained. There are lots of shady Characters out there, please don't class Scentsy as being shady.

They are a fantastic company to work for and if you have complaints write that complaint up and send it in to head Office. Be specific and name names and I am sure you will have a very favourable outcome

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