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You know what's really aggravating, being a consumer trying to buy this product? They have sales, like today, only all of the Scentsy reps jump online to buy themselves at deep discounts so they can sell at craft fairs, etc for full price later on and the website tells me I have to wait 200+ seconds on an infinate loop.

People that cared about their actual customers, and not appeasing their reps so they stay and get a bigger downline, is why this company is a pyramid scheme for sure. They need to watch it- Vemma got hit for that. I work in the business industry so I DO know why Scentsy is a pyramid scheme yet the government is not. (They must tell them to say that because reps jump on and comment that on a bunch of these reviews.) That company makes enough that they could block their reps from a Christmas sale day to ensure traffic to their website and then have another sale for the reps a different day but they DON'T because IT'S NOT ABOUT SELLING GOODS OR SERVICES.

Again, it's about keeping these "consultants" happy so they continue to buy into this and make a team. Anyone selling this saying they are making money needs to look at their expenses (and buying personal stash counts towards that- *** argument) and compare against their 1099 (IF they even made enough to have one generated- don't lie) and see how much they are really making. I'm logging off and going to WalMart to buy their wax. And the superior wax argument can be challenged by anyone with a brain.

Find a Scentsy rep selling their wax outside somewhere (ALWAYS at a discount because they want to make up some of their losses) and do the test between Wally World and Scentsy yourself. Don't take someone's word for it.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I apologize for your unpleasant dealing with Scentsy. I assure you that your business is important and appreciated. I do not carry stock and actually do care deeply about my customers, as they are who gets me where I am today :) If I can be of any help please do not hesitate to contact me at joand7829@gmail.com or check out my website at www.divineesscentials.scentsy.ca

I have never did business with Scentsy, felt there was no need to as I decided to start my own business instead.

I am owner of Home Accentuals and sell candle warmers and melts as well but my melts are made of soy as i find this is more environmentally friendly and as a result, the melts burn longer and slower.

to Anonymous #1120639

Actually as a person that use to manufacture candles .. I learned from that soy candles are actually more toxic .

Soy beans are sprayed with pesticides that are can't be removed . As you burn the candles you are then burning those toxins and then inhaling them .


I'm sorry you had a horrible experience. I sell Scentsy and do not sell at fairs.

I also don't recruit, I buy for me. I didn't shop the sale because I also couldn't get on to the website.

I was just as frustrated as you were. You need to find a good consultant and they could have helped you and placed an order for you the 2nd day.

I can understand your frustrations with the wait time for sure. I spent 3.5 hours trying to put an order in for a customer so they wouldn't have to deal with the frustration of the wait time themselves.

Mind you first day of the sale scentsy gave out free ornaments as a good will gesture for the wait times. Day 2, consultants were given access to their workstation to place orders to free up the congestion. Which made me happy because it only took an hour today to get orders in for my clients (some kept changing their minds lol) I think in these situations you probably would of had a better experience if you could just hand off your list to a consultant and have them do the waiting for you. After all that's what we're here for, customer service.

It's unfortunate that this was a very frustrating experience for you. And while you very well could go to Wal-mart and buy their products and for a lower cost. I do have to admit that the one thing Scentsy does have is an amazing Customer Support group who will stand by the quality of their product and ensure customers are happy. By far the best customer service department I've ever had to deal with.

In short, it may be a better experience if you found a rep that is willing to provide exceptional customer service and put in the time (so you don't have to) and it may make your Scentsy experience a better one?

(i'm a rep, I don't recruit. I just signed up because I love the product so I figured my friends and I would benefit from the rewards more than someone else :) )

Say what you will , I sell Scentsy, I do not have a personal stash, have never sold at a market or fair. Reps didn't jump online to buy sale product because many of us couldn't get on our own sites.

Furthermore we could go on to our workstations and see everything that was for sale and order there. Don't blame us , look at the thousands of customers who buy the products because yes they ARE better quality!!!

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