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I signed up to be a consultant. I was required to sell $200 every quarter to stay active.

Not a big deal but I got busy with my day job so I was down to the line in March. My sister hosted an online party and I have 4-5 customers planning to order. Unfortunately the holiday weekend hit (Easter) and everyone got busy with family and forgot to place their orders. They all contacted me Sunday evening and monday morning asking if it was too late.

It was as I was now inactive. I sent an email to account services explaining my plight to no avail. You would think that they would want to give someone a chance especially when it was my first time going inactive and I know I would have more than enough orders to stay active had everyone not been busy with Easter stuff. :( To top it all off I am having to hand off a huge vendor event in April to my recruiter since I am not inactive.

It would have been a game changer for my business. :( Needless to say I am very disappointed and I won't be reactivating in July.

Reason of review: Poor Consultant Care.

I liked: Products.

I didn't like: Unwillingness to work with consultant or offer a second chance.

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They will reinstate your account after 6 months of inactivity, unfortunately there is the waiting period but they do reinstate for free

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