It is amusing that people don't get plastic will melt in the summer heat and then blame their stupidity on a company. The scent circles contain oil and DO contain a warning about potential damage to surfaces if it comes in contact.

For those of you who have not received your orders, this is not a representation of scentsy, Consultants are individual contractors. Instead of complaining online, in a forum not even affiliated with Scentsy, call the company (or another consultant) and they WILL make it right, if you have a legitimate claim 1-877-855-0617. Yes I am a consultant and these complaints have no relevance to me but I was thoroughly amused at some of the people trying to pass the blame.

Its one thing to not like a product but to trash it based on your own stupidity is a entirely different thing. And to those of you complaining the scent doesn't last read why http://scentsyblog.com/scentsy-blog/entryid/25.aspx but honestly its your choice

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Calling out people as *** because they have a complaint is the reason the consultants and company are getting bad rap. Watch your mouth.


yeah Scentsy is all fine and dandy until you are no longer useful to them! I was a rep and a damned good one and I got cancer and everything got screwed royally.

I was ignored from everyone who could help including the actual OWNERS of Scentsy Heidi and Orville themselves- for people who claim they care so much for the reps and to give more than you take- they sure did a number on me! Read my whole story here http://supermombattles.blogspot.ca/2016/05/how-scentsy-ruined-my-life.html and tell me that Scentsy is a great company to work for after that!

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