My daughter plugged in her Scentsy plug in warmer and when she flicked the on switch a spark flew out of the switch and the switch and her hand were covered with a black soot. This of course scared her and she jumped back. My daughter posted a picture of the warmer and her hand on Facebook responses were friends and family asking if she was ok. Her consultant and cousin (family member!)

"Sorry you had that experience (daughters name). Put it aside for me and I will send it back to Scentsy. I'm also happy to give you a full refund".

Her first response wasn't asking if she was ok or sure your not hurt....like other comments

I have unplugged all my Scentsy products and I will never use them again. They are potently very dangerous they could cause physical harm and a spark like that could start a fire. People be careful.


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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1296582

That's not scentsy seashell plug-in..I have one and it's a totally different style, this one is long and slim at the bottom, scentsy is not.

And the seashells are in wrong spots and don't look the same...This looks like Walmart made in China knock off..

Rancho Cucamonga, California, United States #1245873

FYI Scentsy Seashell wRner is rough like sand it's not smooth like that one!!!! I do believe this is a fake Scentsy brand mini warmer / night light style

I own seashells and it's rough finished not smooth

Sooooo if your 100% send it to corporate

Rancho Cucamonga, California, United States #1245870

I sure hope your ok!!!!!

WOW I've never seen this before, there's one incident where the wrong size bulb was put into one of those and caused a spark

But Im assuming you only used scentsy 15 watt bulbs in that?

Also keeping the outlet clean and wax from getting into the housing is important for safety.

The outlet itself looks old that looks like it could be an issue with your outlet being bad which caused the little mini warmer to spark

That seems like a power surge But I'm no electrician I'm just guessing I've had my nightlite for 6 years it's on 24/7 same bulb too and never had an issue Send that back to corporate contact the consultant and have it sent back ASAP!!!!! That's got to be more to why it did that. Ive seen them break and overload outlets from using to big of bulbs in them, but I've never seen scentsy products donthat only better homes and gardens ones I've seen catch fire!

Billings, Montana, United States #1233060

It's a fake photo.why?

because look at her hand. She has black cascading from her pinky to her next finger.. that means that she would have had to turn it on with her pinky and the soot would have traveled at an angle towards the knuckle of her ring finger. If she had turned it on with her pointer finger as most people would, the soot would have hit her Flip off finger.

pointer finger and possibly her ring finger.position your hand as if you are going to push a button on a wall and see what the natural position of your hand is and you will see my point.


You say that the consultant is a family member?Wow...way to try to ruin your own family member's business by making all this fuss and posting it online.

You have bad wiring in your house, and nobody was hurt. Cry me a river. Maybe someday something will go wrong in your business and someone will kindly try to ruin you...maybe a family member.

Let's see how that karma feels.Happy Holidays!


Or your outlet had a shortage..? It could happen to anyone plugging in anything.


Unfortunately this sounds like a faulty wiring situation this could have happened if you plugged anything into that outlet


Daughter "plugged in the warmer flipped the switch and sparks flew out" that sounds like a ELECTRICAL problem NOT a Scentsy warmer problem. People really are wiser than I thought lol.


Maybe she put the wrong bulb? in so glad the ones I ordered in aus don't have bulbs ^_^ can't stuff up like that lady who set hers on fire like common you put the wrong size bulb in anything! It will do that

The consultants here are lovely too ^_^

Windsor, Ontario, Canada #961924

It is a scentsy warmer, it's called something like 'seaside' it's a plugin, I have it in my bathroom. Mine is turning brown around where the lightbulb is, because it's being burned - ready to stop using my scentsy products also.

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