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I was just doing some research because I kept having an issue with a Scentsy warmer similar to this one that was gifted to us. Every time I plugged it in and then turn it on, the bulb would come on for a few seconds and then shut off.

I checked to make sure I had put it together correctly, I had, so tried again and same thing. I heard a click sound and lo and behold, the reset button on the outlet had popped out. Hit reset and tried again, darn thing popped out again. So I tried several other electronics: charger, lamp, blow dryer and all worked fine without triggering the reset button.

Tried once more as this was a gift and I didn't want to disappoint the person that gave it to us by not using and sure enough, CLICK!

She also gave us a counter top warmer that while it is lovely and works just fine, it creates a was seal where the to top goes on and it's very difficult to get the two apart. I only used one cube so I know I didn't overload it. I made sure to clean it thoroughly thinking I may have dropped a couple little pieces of wax or something.

Tried again and it did the same thing.

Yes, the counters/house are/is even and it is a place that it can't get bumped. While these are nice to look at and the scents are pleasant I don't feel these products are safe and will be letting the friend that gifted them know.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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King George, Virginia, United States #909646

Scentsy, has a lifetime replacement warranty for defects. They are typically very good about rectifying any issues with their products, should they arise.

Any company's products can have defects that slide by during manufacturing and testing. That doesn't make their products unsafe in general.

Also even if you are wiping your top off when changing wax, it can still form a wax seal. Residual gets on the side after pouring out the wax.

I have a non-Scentsy warmer that does that too.

It's just that when you wipe it off any leftover wax heats back up and flows to the bottom of the bowl when on the warmer again. If you want to avoid this, try washing your top in hot soapy water, and make sure the rim on top of the warmer is cleaned well too.


Never had a problem with my warmers plug in or stand alone. No "wax seal" is created when you use the warmer, I can't imagine how but you must be using it wrong.

I suggest you contact the rep you received those items from or contact the company directly. You shouldn't call a product "unsafe" if you don't know how to use it.

to TruthBeTold Tempe, Arizona, United States #908960

You obviously didn't read what she says. Your just telling her to do something she did and it was a gift from a friend...

to TruthBeTold Union, New Jersey, United States #928222

Don't call people liars. I've had that wax seal happen on more than one warmer and called a Scentsy rep and got it returned and replaced at no charge. Somehow it happens.

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