I see why consultants are upset with the new Scentsy reinstatement policy and yes it doesn't cost the company much to keep you active as a consultant, but do you really want people representing your business that are too lazy to get out there and push it. 150 a month in a 3 month period isn't much, you should be able to sell that at home using social media alone.

I don't sympathize with someone that wants the benefits without doing their part.

Heidi and Orville are treating us like their family, they are setting easily accomplished goals to keep us from getting lazy and that helps make is successful. I am proud to be part of a company where the very least you can do isn't good enough!

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Typical MLM sham. Promise you the world, then when you get dissatisfied they try to recruit more suckers.


Everyone who sells scentsy use social media to do so. You can say you sell and not get in trouble.

I sell 150+ a month by advertising on facebook. I book parties or have my own and get 95% of my orders from facebook.

Walled Lake, Michigan, United States #878796

You can not advertise on social media. You can only say that you sell it and show pics of what you sell. If you say any personal specials to get people to buy, you are out of compliance.

to ralph Brocton, New York, United States #891729

yes, you can't give personal specials but you can give scentsy specials and advertise your business. seems reasonable.

to crystal.lynn746 #894514

The contract clearly states you cannot advertise on social media, that sucks! Not good.

There's no other way really to meet the goals. Other than going door-to-door knocking on peoples homes and that's not right.

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