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I got my Scentsy burner as a gift a few years ago. I enjoyed it until tonight.

I plugged my burner and the wall and within five minutes it started An electrical fire that burned up my Burner to the fact that it turned black and had a hole in the bottom of it.

The wax on top never even melted. It also scorched my kitchen table and wall.

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That’s because you used a different brand of BULB!!! Scentsy clearly states in their disclaimer to never use other brand products with Scentsy because it voids any warranty and can cause malfunction...

other brands use higher wattage bulbs! Scentsy uses lower watts so THIS doesnt happen!!

this is your fault entirely.

-Former Scentsy consultant

Seattle, Washington, United States #1245922

That's an old warmer and I can tell by looking that the bulb is a 25 watt bulb in a 20 watt warmer

Clarksville, Iowa, United States #1206051

the right size bulb MUST be used at all time otherwise it cancels the warranty. accidents like this have been known to happen with the wrong sized bulb

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