Had my car freshner in my car on the middle console bc I didn't want it hanging from my rear view mirror. 3 days later i went to move it and it melted the black interior of my car.

I have inquired to corporate a contact number for complaints.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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The scent circle warning states on the package to not allow near finished surfaces... FOLLOW DIRECTIONS and these things wouldn’t happen. Period

Rancho Cucamonga, California, United States #1245864

Sadly on the backbone of that package as any air freshness you buy it states do not place on any surface product contains fragrance and could cause damage

Instructions I circle when I sell those!! The responsibility of the buyer to read the package just like anything you buy in the store that contains fragrance

You can have the area wet sanded by a licensed auto body shop it won't fix it but it will somewhat correct the damaged look


Maybe consider not putting something where there is light bulbs and heat has nothing to do with the Scentsy product it is meant to hang for a reason


sorry, bummer. that is what happens when you dont read or follow directions. all hanging fresheners can do this.


These Scent Circles are meant to be hung, as they are loaded with fragrance oil that should not "lay" on anything. If you weren't going to use it as intended, why did you buy it?

You could have easily purchased a Travel Tin instead for your auto fragrance needs/desires, stashed out of view, and no risk of any damage. Perhaps reading the "usage instructions" in the future, without believing it doesn't apply to you, will aid you in not suffering your own bad decision making consequences?


Are you able to read? Then no excuse.

User error not the products fault. BTW you know those awful smelling tree ones?

Yeah they will do it too. FYI.


Well this is 100% your fault why are you trying to blame someone else?

Who puts an air freshener on their console? They are meant to be hung up.

It even tells you that.... do you also sue after you drink too hot coffee when it says "careful product is hot"?

to Anonymous Asheboro, North Carolina, United States #1104995

I WOULD NEVER place any kind of air freshener on my car interior, even the carpet! READ THE PACKAGES OF ALL AIR FRESHENERS!

ALL have oils and ALL say "HANG"...This is the consumers fault for NOT reading and adhering to manufacturers labels. Would you place plastic bags in an infants crib???

I would certainly hope NOT because all bags from grocery stores to dry cleaners place a warning on that bag to NOT place in infants bed! READ, THINK FOR YOURSELF and dont blame a company that has clearly put the warning on the packaging for a reason.


This problem is the customers fault. These scent circles are meant to be hung freely on your car mirror.

A warning states right on the package that these are not to come into contact with any surface as the oils can cause damage. Because a car can obtain a lot of heat from sitting in the sun, that can speed up the process of oils being released from the product causing more damage.

Rockford, Illinois, United States #997329

There is a warning right on the packaging that says the scent circles should not be in contact with anything....that they should hang freely due to the oils in it. Same warnings are on the other hanging car fresheners you find in stores.

My suggestion is to buy a travel tin if you don't want anything hanging from your mirror.


They contain oil. The back of the package says to not expose to surfaces.

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