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I received one of these freshners free with a scentsy order, I put it in my car, but did not hang it up as it would distract my view and just laid it on the bit between the seats in front of the gear stick.I went to move it to put something in the compartment and it was stuck to the lid, it had melted the covers!

at first I thought it had glue on the back, but when I tried to take it off, I realised that the lid itself was soft and melting.

I have attached a photograph of the damage, DO NOT USE THESE!!

Monetary Loss: $500.


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How are so many people so ***?HOW?!?!

This site is riddled with people who took a product that clearly states not to have it touching any other surface BECAUSE IT CAN CAUSE DAMAGE and decided to hang it from somewhere else where it was touching plastic (the easiest material to damage chemically) or just put it directly onto the plastic and then they're shocked when it happens? Come on people, even if you just had a little oops and this happened, you can't seriously blame the manufacturer who put a clear warning on the package, and I believe right on the product (I'll have to check mine to verify). Everyone makes mistakes, it happens, I've done the same and caused damage for myself, but come on now.

Put on your big girl (or boy) pants and own up to your mistake.This is your fault and your fault alone and you are the only one liable for the damage you caused by ignoring blatant warnings (which you can find on literally all car air fresheners that are designed to hang freely)

O Fallon, Missouri, United States #1246027

If you had used as intended this would not have happened.You cannot blame Scentsy for something that wasn't used properly.

This car bars are meant to be hung up.

I would consider giving this another try if you hang them up.


How on earth can you complain when you weren't using them as per the directions? They are designed to be hung! The damage is your own fault due to misuse of the product.


The packaging states to hang freely because it WILL cause damage for it has oil in it.


It says on the package to hang freely & not lay on surfaces


I recently put your circle car scents in my new truck.Little did I know how much damage it would cause if it touched a surface.

I now have over $800 worth of damage to my truck and after searching on Google, many other people have had this issue. My state, Maryland, it's illegal to have anything hanging from a rear view mirror, so I hung it by my radio and shift knob.

I might be dumb for NOT reading the warnings on the back, but reality, how many people do?If these scents cannot touch any other surface without causing damage, how safe are these for a human to breathe or touch??

to Anonymous #1379537

Your fault you buy a product meant to HANG, despite living in a state that doesn't allow you to hang anything from a rear view mirror and chose to use it wrong.Even back of package says it must hang freely.

Any oils will do this, regardless of brand. If you prefer a natural solution, take a cotton ball and add a few drops of essential oils to it.

Put it between a clothespin clamp and stick the other side through your vents.NOT THE SIDE WITH THE WET COTTON - or you will have the same issue and blame that company too.


I had the same thing happen with yankee candle product...not made for Florida heat...


I hate scentsy. I can't stand how you women are always trying to make a few bucks by obligating your friends to buy *** junk like scenty, 31 bags, pampered chef. All those products are overpriced junk.

to Anonymous #1299489

A few bucks???Scentsy is a wonderful company and it's because of this company that my family is able to survive!

My customers are well educated, well taken care of, and HAPPY to buy my products and order on a regular basis!

I'm sorry for the I individual experience you may have had - but how dare you generalize and speak poorly of women who are trying to better their lives and that of their families.#shameonyou

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