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Scentsy is a scam.My wife placed an order for products to become a consultant.

She changed her mind and inquired about a refund from the company and they refused to refund - even though their policy online (section 9) states that refunds are permitted if they are still in saleable condition. My wife was trying to do a return before her order even left the warehouse and the refund was still refused!

Check the BBB before doing business with this company and you will see many issues with the company.Any company that refuses returns should be avoided like the Plague.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Scentsy is $99 with tax for the starter kit, where are you getting $500?

to Anonymous #1123341

This has already been explained. She ordered a starter kit plus other items (actually three orders that totaled $500). The amount doesn't matter - Scentsy had a stated return policy and did not honor it.


I have found that Scentsy triggers my asthma. This product should not be advertised as not triggering asthma.


I'm sure she could have sold them - but that is not the point. The company has a clearly stated return policy that they did not honor. Legit companies have return policies and honor them, this company does not.


I'm sure she could have just sold the brand new items they send you when you purchase the kit and probably make more than 99. Besides if she inquired that means she probably had people she could sell to so if anything she could have gotten rid of the items easily.

Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania, United States #901573

My original post was due to my actual experience.Your rhetoric regarding teams, families, etc.

does not change what actually happened to me. This company did not honor it's own written and stated policy - which is fraudulent and a scam in my book. Not only did the company refuse to issue a refund, they were very rude as well. I had to go the Direct Sellers Association (dsa.org), which Scentcy is a member, to plead my case and get the refund I was due.

The DSA also has stated policies regarding returns and, as a member, Scentcy is bound by those return policies.

If this company was legit, I would have just received a refund without having to go to the BBB and the DSA.Scam.

to rhfisherii #902019

This was first wrote in 2011, it's 3 years later.If your still holding a grudge then something is obviously wrong.

Hasn't anyone ever taught you to move on and let go.. This company your speaking of is not a scam nor fraudulent. Scentsy does do refunds depending on each and every circumstance. You don't get a refund for signing up as a consultant then changing your mind on the kit.

Paying 99 for the kit an signing up as a consultant, trying to get a refund is different than buying a warmer an getting a refund.

This company honors a lot. And as for you being so bitter and still hanging on, it sounds like your forgetting to tell the whole truth. There are two sides to every story.

A scam is a dishonest scheme; and/or fraud. No one committed fraud or was dishonest. It was your wife who didn't think things through before buying something she didn't want.

So blame the issue on your wife's indecisive decisions.

Scentsy is a good company to work for, as well as purchase from.

to SL Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania, United States #902247

SL - I am telling the whole truth and have nothing to hide.Actually, I was contacted once (via email) by someone claiming to be a "lawyer" that told me to remove my posts because the posts were slander.

I told the person "nice try but slander means untrue and I have never put anything on this site that was untrue". Having a written policy regarding returns and not honoring it is, indeed, deceitful and fraud. Keeping a customers money when it should be rightfully returned is fraud (and stealing). Scentsy is a scam.

I stand by my original post regardless of how long ago the situation occurred. My wife's indecisiveness has nothing to do with it - Scentsy has a written policy which grants refunds - nowhere in that policy does it stipulate that "indecisiveness" is grounds for refusing a refund. YOU ARE BLAMING THE CUSTOMER for Scentsy's mishandling of the situation. Also, the policy does not distinguish between consultants and customers (nor does the DSA allow this).

Nice try, but you are wrong. I will continue to post on this thread as long as it exists.

Obviously, there are other negative comments on this site relating to Sentsy so I would not say the are "a good company to purchase from".

to rhfisherii #911480

Good for you.. Scentsy is a GREEDY company..!

to SL Edinboro, Pennsylvania, United States #911513

Wrong. You do get a refund for "signing up as a consultant and then changing your mind on the kit" - per DSA guidelines (which Scentsy is member) EVERY purchase is refunded 100% during a specified "cooling off" period:

"Member companies and their salespeople shall offer a written, clearly stated cooling off period permitting the consumer to withdraw from a purchase order within a minimum of three days from the date of the purchase transaction and receive a full refund of the purchase price."

If you don't know what you are talking about, don't post on this thread. SCAM.

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