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Update by user Feb 23, 2017

She got the warmer . I called customer service she received it February 2.2017 and I still haven't received mine.

She said she shipped it Feb. 9 and want give me a tracking number or nothing for it because it all lies will never ever order again .

Original review posted by user Feb 22, 2017

I ordered the star glaze warmer back in January off a consulant and she never shipped the warmer. I paid her 54.00 for the warmer and gave her money to ship it .

She is very unprofessional this was my first time ever ordering a scentsy product and will never ever order again. Order #320236797 i have all the messages to prove she got my money and i never got the product . I called customer service yesterday and he said to email email the messages im waiting to hear back from the company now.The consulants name is Bridget Hayes from Spencer, W.V i think its sad what some people will do for a dollar i know she probably resold the warmer to someone else . I could never do anyone like this .

I should have just ordered it from someone close but i was in a way doing her a favor so she would have another sell and this is how she does me not happy and hope someone will make it right. She should not be allowed to sell scentsy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Scentsy Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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I ordered mine back in january too, it back ordered almost instantly. I JUST got mine yesterday.

How do tou know she got it in feb. All of the consultants i know who had backorders, just shipped last week.


Pepper MojiLife on Facebook will give you amazing customer service! Check her out - the AirMoji is amazing! (Nothing like Scentsy - just a lot better!)

Aurora, Ontario, Canada #1292158

The Stargaze warmer was sold out within less than 2 hours of introduction to the website. If your consultant stayed up that night to try to order some, their order may not have went through.

The order is now on backorder which may take several months to get. Your consultant should have communicated that to you. Sounds like you did the right thing by calling Scentsy yourself. I am so sorry that you had to do that though.

Sounds like they are trying to help you. Please come back and let us know what happens.

to Starstruckchaos Scents #1294379

She received the warmer. I called customer service she got it Feback.

2 she want respond to my messages now.

So I'm out 60 $ sad.I'm sure I'll never get the warmer and I'll never get my money back even though I have messages to prove she got the warmer and my money . But you live and learn I guess was my 1st time ordering and never again.

to Holli3848 Nashville, Tennessee, United States #1319877

Hey Holli,

I am so sorry to hear that this is happening to you. I would contact Scentsy Customer Service again and let them know.

You can also send me the messages or screenshots and I can try to help you!

This is not how Scentsy works... and I promise we are not all like that.

to Starstruckchaos Scents #1297900

She got the warmer. I called customer service and she got it Feb.

2, 2017 will not respond to any texts of mine . Like I said I have all the proof I sent the money she got it and got the warmer.

Will never order anything from Scentsy again. I know I'm not getting my money back or the warmer I just hope she don't do it to someone else .

to Holli3848 Nashville, Tennessee, United States #1319878

Email me at This is not common Scentsy practice, and I am so sad to hear that this has turned you off completely to Scentsy. I would love to help you get your money back (no strings attached, promise!) Email me and we will go from there!


Just FYI, the Stargaze Warmer is on Backorder. If she ordered before 2 AM on Jan 1 then it should have shipped end of January.

If ordered by 8 AM on the 1st then will ship by end of February. All others will ship between March and May. 90,000 of these Warmers were sold in 1 1/2 hours.

If you have reached out to the Consultant and she is not responding then definitely contact Scentsy. I just wanted to provide clarification.

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