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The scentsy clean breeze room spray ate through the sealer on our custom concrete countertops.....over $1000 to re surface....

This person wrote the review because of bad quality of spray cleaner from Scentsy and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Scentsy to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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She didn’t use it as a cleaner.Y’all ate just assuming that.

When u spray something in the air It Ummm lets see...settles some where DUH!!It settled on the countertops and ruined them.

Carencro, Louisiana, United States #1302574

I use only the warmer bars.I tried that room spray 1 time in my bathroom and the floors were soo slick!

I use Tyler candles room spray.It's not 100% oil like scentsy.

Reidville, South Carolina, United States #1208270

Spraying this *** in the air means it SETTLES ON SURFACES.The reviews don't say anyone used it as a cleaner.

I had this happen on my table top surfaces. Coffee table, kitchen and dining table. I didn't realize it was the spray molecules floating down causing discoloration and pitting of finish.

If you're going to bash a review just because you didn't understand it properly, makes me think your company people instead if reviewers.


Oh no!!This isn't a cleaner!

It's a room spray.Probably should've read the back of the container


I don't want to state the obvious but you've put a picture of a "room spray". This is not meant for cleaning your counter tops!


Yes, it says on the container to basically not allow the spray to come in contact with anything a normal person might have in a room.

This person didn't say she sprayed it directly onto the countertop, you just assumed that.

You spray it into the air around you and it doesn't vanish into a black hole, correct?

The molecules are eventually going to settle on something, correct?

So if I have a wood floor, I can't use this because hey, that's a finished surface. Carpet? Hey, that's fabric.

Can't use it in the kitchen because it says not to allow it to come in contact with any counters or cabinets because those are finished surfaces. I can't use it in the living room, some of it might fall down onto....oh, anything in the living room.

So if the directions and your advice is to be believed, the only place you can spray this product and be in the right is, say, in a concrete basement, or an all-tiled room such as one might find in an institution. Except even tile generally has a finish on it.

Come on.

I know that rabid scentsy defenders must never admit that the instructions are a little silly if taken to their logical endpoint, but you should be able to spray a room spray in a room in a common sense fashion without having to rip out your floors or counters.If you can't, then I'm sorry, but the problem is with the formulation, not the person who used it in a room with (gasp) stuff in it.


read and follow directions, you wont have a problem. this is to freshen air, not spray on things.


Why would you spray your counter tops with Scentsy Room Spray in the first place? It is not a cleaning product.

to Anonymous #1044889

That's what I was thinking. ..


"Scentsy - Review about Spray Cleaner from Stillwater, Minnesota"

Not. A. Cleaner.

Your whoops for not reading usage & warnings on spray.

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