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I’ve been a Scentsy consultant for 6+ years and am finally calling it done because the company is a sham. Those who got in early and shamelessly built a team in this pyramid scheme are doing fine.

Now, it’s just not possible. And ethically, what type of person would convince people to “join the family” knowing they would never make money? I didn’t do this as my only job. Good thing, too.

The products are fine but are not “needs”—they are “wants.” With so many of us cutting back our budgets, these types of products are the first to go. There are so many problems with trying to make money as a Scentsy Consultant. The high prices; the lack of environmental and community values that deter customers from supporting it (this is a Mormon-led company, and that’s who benefits). Unless someone is high up the ladder, they aren’t listed in the consultant directory.

There is such a strict set of rules and laws that no one but “the house” can benefit. Other lines are much more creative and better than Scentsy. Yankee candle has the edge on the market and Scentsy keeps trying to copy them. Pink zebra is better.

I never made even a penny in profit from Scentsy after 6+ years. But they continue to charge me $10/month for a site that they won’t list in their directory. You’ll hear from others that what i say isn’t true—that it’s not a pyramid scheme, that “hard work” is all it takes. Ha—look closer and you will find these people are 1) Mormons and/or 2) long-time beneficiaries of the Scentsy pyramid scheme.

I will no longer patronize this company and its miserly patriarchal business dealings. Their products are no longer first-class, their “creative director” is a joke and the top managers continue to get rich while the consultants don’t make anything.

Proceed at your own risk. I tell you the truth.

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I am so glad I am not the only consultant who feels this way! Could not have said it better myself!!


This is a downright lie... when I quit Scentsy, I had made over 5,000$ with the company..

I quit because I found out the products are produced in China. Otherwise I would have likely sold it for a lifetime.

It’s a business, you have to work hard to earn money. If you just expect money to fall in your lap, then you’re lazy and definitely not worth anything to be business..

I was rewarded with product credits, 4 different awards, charms for my hard work, all sorts of recognition. It’s a matter of the work you apply


I’ve been a consultant for quite some time now and I don’t have these issues. I do pay for the website that’s $10 a month but since I have made lead I have my name on the website and someone purchased a $1000 order from me just because of my name being on that website.

I purchased my laundry product and my counter cleaners from them and I get 25% commission just by purchasing what I already love. They make great gifts and I make 25% commission on my gifts. There’s not Much I can say that’s bad about the company. I always make sure my customers are happy but that has never broke my bank and I’ve always made everything right and I’m not in debt.

I do not have to keep stock and when I have parties are use what I already have at home that I use regularly and I tell them that so they don’t think when they purchase an item it’s going to look used.

If there’s anything I can help with to resolve any issues please let me know. I am not a director and I’m not looking to recruit anybody I just hate leaving a bad taste in people‘s mouth


I totally agree with this reviewer. I am a former consultant who believed that a $99 intro kit and the leadership of my sponsor would be a great intro to this company.

i was dead wrong.

I never made money.

The company doesn’t do returns so i had to eat any problems my customers had.

Buyer beware.

to Anonymous #1421774

They take returns of starter kits and inventory of consultants for full cash refund. They just don’t refund cash for customers

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