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IF your Director did in fact "Cancel your Account" are you claiming without knowledge ?Maybe you should seek legal representation, that isn't allowed at any level of sales or working in general to withhold your last check.

I know Orville and Heidi personally (to those that don't know, they are the married couple that started this Multi Billion dollar sales company per year) & they started it on a tight shoestring after Orville had lost his job. I also know that for a director in their company to "Cancel Your Account" you would of had to have been inactive for at lest 90 days without ONE order of $150 sent in . That is less than 8 people spending at least $20.00 each. Have you looked at their bundle prices.

You can get 6 bars of Scented wax to melt for $25, so there is above the average cost of the example I just gave.

If you would like , I would be happy to address your concern with them, where it should have been done to begin with, how can they know whats going on at the local level , if we don't tell them ?

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Windsor, Ontario, Canada #1169570

Yeah they are all great until this happens...http://supermombattles.blogspot.ca/2016/05/how-scentsy-ruined-my-life.html

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