I am a physician with an environmental law background. there is absolutely every reason to believe the wax and emissions from that and the aerosolization of the scents in to the air will cause problems. the reps and usual MLM distributors are not trained in anything related to health or indoor environmental toxicology.

I encourage people who have to work around an individual who uses them to seek counsel and keep at it. It is a question of office ethics and erring on the side of public health versus allowing each individual in the shared space to be subject to the whims of anothers personal preferences.

These candles like plug ins should not be allowed in shared air spaces.

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Thank you...they are so bad for people. Toxic


My daughter uses scentsy in her kitchen. When she brings food she has baked to our house, we can taste the scentsy in the food and nobody wants to eat it.

I don’t want to hurt her feelings but I gently suggested that I can taste it and she thinks I’m nuts. Anyone else notice this?


Every employer I have gone to work for in the past year has let their employees use these scented wax melts in the office. I have had to quit after one day due to allergic reactions even when I was assured it was fragrance free during the interviews.

Once even ended up in the hospital. Employers really don't seem to care and employees act like I am invading their rights to smell up the workplace when I am just trying to do my job without destroying my health.


Man Made Scents = toxins end of!


Why are the ingredients 'secret'? Aren't we supposed to know what is in our products, foods, cleaners?

to kuj23 #1434918

The ingredient “fragrance” is often trademarked and therefore protected from having to disclose what chemicals are being used to create that fragrance.


Having studied about the toxins in our environment, it is clear to me that indoor pollutants are dangerous and overlooked. Most people fall victim to marketing schemes, and MLM's are sometimes cult-like and take the place of real human connection, making them all the more powerful to the people who can afford them the least.

There are large company's who create nothing but chemical laden fragrance. If you are going to use anything try to use good quality essential oils (expensive) and diffuse them.


I was an employee for 6 years and now suffering from a neurological condition. I'm not saying it is from Scentsy but it could be a possibility.


No One cares!!!!

to Anonymous #1055668

My daughter's teacher uses scentsy in her classroom. I care!

to Anonymous #1535525

I wouldn’t be ok with scentsy being used in classrooms as my son was getting headaches from scentsy scenting........... I got rid of the toxic *** & the headaches stopped........ the only thing I switched was the scentsy

to Anonymous #1421864

Why waste your time here if that's what you think. How about the baby toys? Oh wait never mind, no one cares about what you think.

to Anonymous #1594337



LOL ever heard of survival of the fittest?? If your *** of a child is going to be *** enough to eat this stuff that he is going to get what he deserves......


My grandson stuck his little fingers into some scentsy wax. I think he probably did this to taste it since it smelled like maple syrup.

He got diareah and puked for four days everytime he ate anything solid! They say this *** is safe and won't harm anyone....

they are liars! Let me give one of their little ones just a spoonful to injest and lets see how they do.

to Anonymous #1027405

l really have a problem with this...for one thing the warmer should have been out of reach for a little one...it is still a light bulb that gets hot and injesting a tiny bit of that made him sick for 4 days....if he ate lots where was his supervision........

to Anonymous #1416781

They have never said it is safe to eat. How stupid can you get. You should be minimising the risk to the child and not having it where the child can reach it,same with anything else in the house

to Anonymous #1556771

from one little taste thats bs


Scentsy wax is made with high grade vegetable based paraffin wax. It is then infused with both, either or natural essential oils and man made scents.

The scent market is a multi Billion dollar industry. From home scents ( candles, oils, incense and the like) to body scents ( perfume, body lotion etc)

I agree that for those with sensitivities this is frustrating.

Unfortunately it is an up hill battle and be grading one particular company does not solve anything.

to Anonymous #967560

There is no such thing as vegetable-based paraffin - paraffin is a petrochemical product.

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