Iron River, Michigan

I have heard so many good things about Scentsy and their scents. So, a friend was selling products at a show, so I ordered 3 scents and the burner.

After paying almost $50 for these itmes, I was so excited to get them home and try them. Well, the first scent I put in, smelled good in the kitchen .........mmmmm, for about 2 days. My house is open concept mind you, so this should be smelling up a good portion of the kitchen / dining room, or living room. Well, I added another bar thinking that would work, nope.

Ok, so i drained them scents back into the package and put the next one in. BAKED APPLE PIE. Now, who doesnt like that one? Oh my, this one was worse than the first one.

I cannot smell it until I get about 3 inches away from the burner.

At this point, I am reluctant to even try putting the third scent in, because I know, its not going to work either. Very dissapointed in this product.

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Hi Im a Scentsy rep and i heard that you was having some problems with scents. i would love to help you with any questions you would have.

I have testers in my office if you would like to try something else. But sorry for your bad experience. Here is my email if you have any questions If you wanna shop on my site

I cant wait to help. :)

East Sparta, Ohio, United States #588623

You are aware that baked apple pie is a light scent. If you're wanting something stronger I'd suggest contacting the rep you purchased it off of.

There are way stronger scents out there. Plus you have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on all products and a lifetime manufacturers warranty to boot!

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