Beiseker, Alberta
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I orderd a firefly warmer in augest, that ive still yet to September i orderd 1 whoot warmer+12 bars 2 zebra elemental warmers and a finch warmer+12 bars money was given to the rep on sept 14 ( just received the zebra and finch warmers yesterday) after waiting for over 2 months! And was short 3 of the bars i orderd.My whoot warmer and firefly warmer still havent come and i did not get any if the free gifts for having to wait so long!

Its been 3+ months waiting for the firefly warmer and the whoot warmer! At this point id rather have my money back. I gave this company over 300 in orders!

And only received half of my order over the course of 3 months. And was promised free gifts for my 5 warmers being back orderd and still no free gifts...

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $150.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada #920924

Still have not recived my firefly warmer, free warmer or my missing scents. It has now been from augest to December. Almost 5 months

Wausau, Wisconsin, United States #916015

I also ordered mine in late August. I just received it a couple of weeks ago.

They are coming.

I have a great Rep that kept me informed on the delays and what was going on.

Yours will come to.

I think Scentsy is a FABULOUS company that really tries to excel at customer service.

New York, New York, United States #914325

My customers got their free warmers directly sent to them just a few weeks after their orders. Some have received chasing fireflies, some have not (depending on when they placed their order).

Is the order being shipped to you or your consultant? It shouldn't take that long to get your free warmers or your bars.

Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #912036

I'm sorry for your inconveniences. To tell you the truth, the Fireflies warmer didn't technically go on sale until Sept 1st, which means your consultant took preorders and held the money until then so they could get all of their orders in at once.

Which is usually a great method (as long as customers KNOW the order doesn't go in until the 1st). But the demand for Chasing Fireflies was soooo great that they went on backorder within days and we all are waiting for new ones. They are each made by hand, so they take time.

Now unfortunately, Scentsy couldn't predict there would be port issues. Dock workers stopped working due to labor disputes, and everything that was shipped over through Washington is still sitting in cargo containers waiting to be unloaded.

Chasing Fireflies and Whoot were included in that shipment as well as many other designs. Scentsy is doing their best to accommodate people during the holidays especially. They ordered MORE warmers to be made, and are paying over $1.2 million MORE just to have the new shipment air-freighted to the US, even though they already have all of that stock sitting in Washington. Almost everything will make it in time for Christmas day, and that says a lot for what Scentsy is doing and spending just to make things right.

As for the bars missing...all scented products are made in the US, and as far as I know there were no unexpected delays. Find out the whole story from your consultant, maybe she forgot to put them in with the order, or ordered the wrong ones.

Good news though, the Whoot warmer is expected to arrive at the warehouses on December 10th, so you should still get it before Christmas!

:) And as for the free warmer, it is my understanding that they are shipping free warmers in the same box with the Chasing Fireflies warmer. So you'll get them at the same time.

Belton, Texas, United States #910190

I had a costumer that ordered a few of the Firefly warmers when they came out in September and only received them in late November! But she was so excited when she did!

She said hers came with free warmers, Scentsy's way of saying sorry they got behind! It's very very rare for it to happen! As for the other items I'm sorry that happened that just may be your consultant!

Don't be mad at Scentsy! :)

to Nikki Bilka #916025

Nikki Bilka is my Scentsy rep! She takes care of her customers, goes above and beyond what the ordinary rep will do.

I knew there was a delay but it was worth it! Scentsy sent me free warmers in place of the Chasing Fireflies while I waited for my Chasing Fireflies warmers to come in. Scentsy is a wonderful product and they stand behind their product.

If you have a problem with your rep, use mine, you will no longer have the problems, you will have an awesome representative of Scentsy to take care of you all the time. She kept me updated on the back orders and yes, I was and still am FIRED UP about my Chasing Fireflies warmer!

to Scentsy Addict Belton, Texas, United States #919697

Debbie!! Hahaha, I just love you!

to Nikki Temple, Texas, United States #967621

I just now saw this! I just love you too! It is true, if they want customer service, they need to contact you Nikki Bilka!

to Nikki Bilka Temple, Texas, United States #967623

That is because Nikki Bilka takes care of her customers and her business! An order is not just an order to her, it is a way of making a new friend and life time customer.

She expects nothing but the best from the company she represents and she stays on top of her customers' orders! Once you use her, you will never have an issue again :-)

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