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I ordered two items from Scentsy's build a multi-pack. I ordered a brown bear and a polar bear both with lavendar scents in them.

I paid for it right away with my paypal account. She told me that she would deliver my order since I lived not too far from her and it would save on shipping charges. A couple weeks later she told that my order had come in, and that she would deliver it to me Monday. Monday night she told me she was changing the delivery to Tues.

or Wed..

Now it's been changed to Thursday.

Monetary Loss: $27.

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Cedar Hill, Texas, United States #685692

I agree with Scentsy Gal.. As soon as my orders come in I package, and start calling to deliver...

I am sorry you have had a hard time.. its NOT Scentsy, its your rep. Scentsy has 10 business days to send out from the warehouse (its usually much much faster) and then the consultant should be in touch with you determining the best time to deliver..

sorry! :?

Morehead City, North Carolina, United States #584987 two need to find a better rep! that is crazy!

yes, scentsy tells us to tell our customers 10-14 days...but i have never had to wait that long.

now if it is something i have in stock, i will give it to you that day or the next, once payment is in hand and cleared. i am sorry you had such a terrible experience.


Ya well Scentsy reps told me they have 5 days to deliver after they receive the order. My consultant informed me that Scentsy says she can deliver whenever she wants, without contacting me first or knockibg to make sure someone is home!

This is sick! I have never.dealt with such *** in my life!!

I do not agree nor do I like this company...besides they will hire any whack job anytime! Sad company!

to sad...can relate Black Creek, Wisconsin, United States #611384

I'm so sorry for your frustration. I sell scentsy and when I receive the orders I immediately open the boxes and distribute either that day or the next, which ever works for my customer.

Not all scentsy reps are awful !!!

There are some of us that really take pride in taking care of our customers !!!! ,)

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