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Your product left my cloths smelling like a sweaty flower. It was like my garden wore my cloths and then ran a 5k marathon.

Review about: Scentsy Laundry Detergent.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Wow. Those are somewhat catty responses.

She said it was detergent. I’m guessing she knows how to use detergent.

to Casey #1379845

Well said Casey. I would like to have known what fragrance was chosen & avoid making same error.

to Anonymous #1379848

Unfortunately there is no choice in fragrance. I would probably choose to avoid this product once you hear of a bad report. To expensive to make a mistake.

to Anonymous #1379861

I agree, I would prefer to avoid this product.


Cloths? Why would you care what cloths smell like?

Do you wear cloths and not clothes?

Nonetheless, it's never a company's fault if you don't know how to use a product effectively (there are instructions) or you don't like the scent. But, nice try.


That's because you are supposed to use normal washing powder with it, it is just a crystal that makes your clothes smell nice. So if you didn't use washing powder as well there is your problem. So that 5k marathon smell would be your own sweat still in the clothes.

to Anonymous #1379811

If you observed SCENTSY correctly, you would have noticed that they do sell a laundry LIQUID!

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