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I purchased 1 scentsy bar at a craft fair last week.I love the Scentsy scent of clove and cinnamon, but I hate the fact that it stained my beautiful white porcelain wax burner an ugly orangish brown.

No amount of scrubbing has gotten it clean. I've been using other brands of "cheap" wax for about 6 months without any issues or discoloration. Now Scentsy has ruined my gorgeous wax burner (which was a gift and is not replaceable). I've contacted the seller, but have yet to hear back from her.

But if these other reviews are any indication, I don't really expect to hear from her.

Buyer Beware....save your money!!

This person wrote the review because of bad quality of clove and cinnamon scentsy wax bar from Scentsy. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $35 and wants Scentsy to issue a full refund.

The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Mine did the same thing. Not sure what she

scent it was though


Just use a magic eraser and it will take any discoloration off.


Have you tried magic eraser? that normally works on mine.


Use a Mr clean magic eraser comes right out


I am a rep and I understand it was a gift so you probably don't want your warmer simply "replaced" with the warranty- however the dish itself is replaceable on it's own- so you could use the warranty to cover that or you could try our new Scentsy clean products!

I have used it on many things from permanent marker on my walls to grime from behind the sink- I have even seen it used to clean discolored warmer dishes!

I could send you a FREE sample to try out- if it works- great! if not, then I would love to assist you with the dish replacement if you so choose!

Feel free to email me at thatcrazyscentsylady@gmail.com and we can make the arrangements!I hope to hear from you!


Scentsy has a lifetime warranty & would be more than happy to switch the warmer or dish out for you. You need to find a new consultant to help you if your last is unwilling to help!


I am a consultant.I would try and use dish soap and warm water.

I had the Whoot Warmer which is a porcelain owl. It had a discoloration but the soap and warm water cleaned it right up! Please email me if you have any other questions.

I will find a solution for you.Cassayra2006@hotmail.com


Try using a magic eraser that's what I did with mine and it came right off


As Consultants we to have had this problem with our Scentsy Warmers as well but it can be an easy fix.Only use Scentsy light bulbs, store purchased bulbs don't warm the wax the same way.

If the lid of your warmer becomes discolored, you have several things you can do.

Use hot water after removing your melted wax and cleaning any remaining wax while it is still warm with a paper towel most of the time this will get the stain out, if it doesn't then again using hot water add the liquid soft scrub and really clean your lid this has always worked for us and our customers who have had the same experience as you have and as we have. If you still can't get it out and aren't happy with the warmer you don't have to replace or not use your warmer, you can purchase replacement lids for the warmers, we have only had to do this once in our 8 years of selling and we have all colors of warmers and scents and yes the darker scents do have a chance or changing your lid color inside but there are fixes. Yes warranties are on all warmers, nightlights, elements and diffusers. Every consultant is different but if none of these options worked we would exchange your warmer for you at our cost and we would use your warmer as one of our personal warmers.

We always try to do everything we can to make our customers happy and we are so sad to hear of the frustrations and problems you have had with your warmer and wax but please don't give up on this amazing product and turn to the Walmart brand or other brands before trying to allow someone to assist you.At this point to us it sounds like you just need a new lid and we would be happy to assist you if you choose to give Scentsy another chance.

we can be reached via our website www.scentsnsuch.scentsy.us and then the contact us tab.

Scentsy Candles have NO Match...they are Wickless, Leadless, Flameless & Smokeless !!


Scentsy waxes are designed for use in scentsy warmers only. Your burner has likely been too hot for the scentsy wax hence the stain.

Scentsy warmers don't burn the wax, they heat it gently and safely x

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