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Hey everyone!

I ordered the scentsy berry blast warmer this past summer, and I loved it because it's blue and it was on sale.

I don't know if it's Scentsy warmers or what, but this warmer gets REALLY hot to the touch, like ouch hot! And it takes for-ev-er for the wax cubes to completely melt.

Is this the way it's supposed to be?

Does anyone know how long it should take for the wax to completely melt in a Scentsy warmer?

I used Scentsy wax, btw, and the berry blast warmer is a 20W warmer.

Just curious if anyone else has had these problems I'd love to know your thoughts!


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Scentsy Wax isn't supposed to totally evaporate, it melts down all the way into a liquid but what's coming out of it is just the scent. After a few days of burning the wax, the scent will eventually be gone fully and that's how you know to change your wax.

Also you shouldn't add more wax to old wax, because it will dilute it.

If you use a wax scent for just a day or two and would like to switch it out you can simply tip the dish and pour the wax back into the wax box it came in. It will harden for use at a later time and you can choose a new wax scent for your warmer.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1250579

Does anybody know how long the melted wax lasts for before the liquid is all dissolved? I want to change the scent but I feel like it takes forever for all the melted wax to evaporate...

to Anonymous Independence, Missouri, United States #1251661

The wax does not evaporate. You can use cotton balls to remove the wax easily, put in freezer and pop out in one chunk, or remove with papertowels/tissues, etc.

Spring, Texas, United States #1064373

1 wax scentsy cube took about 20 minuets to melt:)

- grace black


Just wanted to say how much I love Scentsy and how obsessed with it I am now lol

There's nothing like their gorgeous warmers and their wax is amazing!

I do wish it lasted longer though, but all wax is like that right? lol

Thanks everyone!

And just for the record, I do use the proper wattage, I use the bulb that the warmer came with, and this goes for all my warmers!


North Carolina, United States #950220

The outside of the warmers do get pretty hot, and I tell my customers to only put 1/2...3/4 a cube of wax in premium warmers and only 1/2 cube in plug-ins.

The oils in the wax don't need to be overwhelmed, or you will not get the most out of your wax. And it will not melt well, but 1/2...3/4 cube should melt in less than 30 minutes.

Kannapolis, North Carolina, United States #944842

Yes I bought the maze green warmer for my daughter it was discount price and this warmer can't be touched or moved over without a burner mit on your hand is this a defective burner to be so hot

to Anonymous Independence, Missouri, United States #1251660

Did you ever receive an answer to your questions here?


Hope you didn't replace the bulb with a non Scentsy bulb. They are not the same you know.

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada #901181

I ususally only place one cube in at a time, but when I do place two in I too notice that it takes a while 15 minutes or so to have both pieces melted. The scent can be still noticable while it is melting. I have also noticed that if you keep it near an open window or fan that it will not melt as normal because of the cool breeze going over it.

Salem, Oregon, United States #896309

Is the warmer getting very hot or the wax itself?

to WaxforYou East Hartford, Connecticut, United States #897695

I would say the warmer gets very hot and the wax is just hot. I mean compared to other waxes it's not that hot but still.

Actually, the more I use my Scentsy warmers and wax, the more I like them!

I was just concerned because I don't want to tell my customers if I ever became a consultant that the warmers and wax never get hot because that's not true, at least in my experience. :)

How about you, if you use Scentsy?

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #895810

That should not be happening. Send me a email at bigislandkayla@gmail.com and I will help you get this fixed.



Scentsy wax does not take that long to melt

is the warmer near a vent? if you are using a full size, you should insert nor more than 2 cubes, if too much wax is placed in the dish, the edges may not be melting because there's too much wax and the edges are not near the heating source - could be a number of issues, either way, the rep who you purchased from should assist in determining the issue/problem - hope this helps

to Scentsy Rep 2014 #895022

I did melt my wax during the summer and maybe it was my AC blowing on it, I'm not really sure. Now I know to only put 1-2 cubes of wax at a time, or else it becomes too much and I heard that if you put too much it'll dilute the scent.

I've heard so many times that Scentsy wax doesn't become hot, it only gets warm. I feel like if I were to sell Scentsy, this would be a good selling point but I can't really market that aspect of the wax when it's not true lol!! I guess if you compared it to other wax it's not that hot, but still, it gets pretty hot! It is something that I'm disappointed in because I really wanted it to be true.

The berry blast warmer was on closeout so I don't think anything could be done.

Plus I have used other brands of wax in there and I heard that voids the warranty.

I reallly want to sell Scentsy some day but I feel like this is something that's holding me back. Also the fact that I need people to buy it lol


Thanks for your advice though!


They should only take half hour to melt and sometimes they do get very hot depending on warmer type

to Anonymous #895023

I do feel like the melting time has become better now that I'm melting it in the colder weather.

Do you know why it becomes very hot though?

And what warmers this happens to?

Thanks for the advice I appreciate it!

to Scentsayyyy Traverse City, Michigan, United States #901300

I have been selling Scentsy since June 2014 and I don't think the wax gets hot at all. I have had paraffin wax dips on both my feet and hands and that wax was much warmer than this is.

I have 4 warmers going pretty much all the time in my house, with usually only 1 cube. 1 cube takes about 15 minutes to melt. Yes, the burner gets hot as the heat in concentrated in a small area to generate enough heat to melt the wax.

I have never tried other waxes as I know how easy Scentsy wax cleans up, and I would be concerned about others not cleaning up as well or easily.

Good luck and I hope you do decide to sell some day. It's a lot of fun.

to MishainTC Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada #927404

Make sure the bulb you are using is the correct wattage for the warmer #1 important. I think some of the different materials and styles the warmers are made from seem to affect the heat level.

I have a tulip lampshade warmer and it is only lukewarm to the touch but my mid size shale gets much hotter.

I ensure all my warmers are on a stand of some kind and away from pets (or kids if I still had any).

It is specifically in the safety instructions that come with every Scentsy, but I know most people don't read them (I know this because it took me a year to read mine!)

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