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I've been a customer for a couple of years and lately the waxes I'm receiving do not smell no longer then maybe a hour. What is different about them now, not the same at all!

I have 5 burners in my home and can honestly say I'm so disappointed lately with your product. They don't even break like they use to, they kind of bend out of the plastic where they use to cut even! Are you changing your product?

If you are changing the product, it's not for the better for the customer.

Does anyone else seem to agree with me. How do I know that you received this?

Reason of review: Smells.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Most products other then waxes.

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I thought that it was just me. Ive been ordering from scentsy for years but have found that its so much cheaper to make your own.


Yes totally agree. I noticed the same thing recently and I’m a consultant....it makes me wonder. I should ask scentsy support that!


I totally agree. I have been using scentsy for years and I feel the same way!

No one in my house can smell the scents anymore. I try new things, old favorites and scents of the months....NOTHING.

I am highly disappointed in the product now. It is sad.

to Anonymous #1475304

Me too! Just googled this because I. Thought “I can’t be the only one” who isn’t smelling their bars.


I just sent Sensy the same complaint. I was told I can return them to on consultant. Why not replace them with a better product.


Hi. I've been using Scentsy for over 5 years.

I had a stock of waxes and didn't have to buy any for awhile. The waxes smelled for a long period of time and i loved them! During the last six months, I've purchased some new scents and have been very disappointed.

I hope Scentsy realizes customers are on to them. Not good!!


I agree alsi! In fact we, some friends of mine and I, as well as my daughter and I, just had a discussion about this a few weeks ago.

I love Scentsy products but in the last year or so the wax bars just don't seem to last NEAR as long as they used to! I could put one cube from a bar in my warmer and it would last at least a day to two days now it's not even lasting a whole day it seems! I would like to know what they've done differently and why in the world do they keep raising the price? When I first started using Scentsy about 5 years ago it used to be $4.50 a bar...now it is $6 a bar and its not even worth it.

I do love the new "Scentsy Go" which last MUCH longer than the wax bars but there are only a handful of scent choices. I'm hoping they come out with more scents.


Agreed. I just spent $20 on 4 different scents.

So far 3 of them smell good for about an hour, and even then only if you are near the warmer. 1 of them doesn't smell at all unless you put your nose up to the warmer.

The wal-mart brand makes my house smell good for about a week before I need to change it and is 1/3 of the price. I'll never buy Scentsy again.


I agree


Most of the scents I buy have a great scent pay off !!

There are some that I can't smell at all but that's because their subtle and arnt made strong..

If you'd like samples to trial before purchasing contact

"A world of scents " on Facebook

Hollis, New Hampshire, United States #1322576

Absolutely agree. The older wax blocks smelled better and.

Longer . The newer one don't even smell unless you bend over the warmer and sniff


I have also found this. I spent a good few pounds on a burner and melts and I can't smell them.

I ask every guest if they smell it and they all say no or not really. When I went to a Scentsy party the smell from 1 heater filled the house and I have still not experienced this with mine yet in 5 months.

I went to a local home bargins store and got a burner for £2 and melts for 29p each and the amount who have commented on the smell from these is unbelievable. I would never recommend Scentsy to anyone and I am really disappointed after the amount I spent on all of it.

Auburn, Kentucky, United States #1290985

I too am so disgusted with these scentsy candles.

I first tried the DG candles and the smell was so great, distinctive and strong.

I then bought from Amazon, no smell at all. Then went back to Scentsy from two stores and no smell.

I am about to just put away these lights, for that's what they are now...light lights.

Richmond, Virginia, United States #1170034

I have a bunch of scentsy candles that have no smell. What is wrong with the scent of them.

After one hour there is no smell at all.

Very disappointed in them. I purchase 20 of them and I am so upset that I have been trying different scents and they are no


I agree I am a new scentsy user but I heard good things about their products. I love the scent of Sunkissed Citrus but the scent doesn't last long at all.

Febreeze wax actually lasts longer than Scentsy. I'm so disappointed.


I recently bought a scentsy and 4 wax bars (silver bells, cedar cider, vanilla bean buttercream & dulce de leche) only to find out that one cube only last for about an hour and a half!! And not to mention i can barely smell it unless im sitting beside it.

My warmer is in my living room which is not very large. I had better luck buying the glade wax melts from walmart.

I will NOT continue to WASTE my money with scentsy any more. So pissed.

Montclair, California, United States #972052

I noticed that to.. I think the first time you buy its good but then after that you just start getting wax!

And it takes my consultant 3 to 4 weeks to give me my stuff.

Kind of disappointing. I might just make my own wax

Union, New Jersey, United States #928217

Totally agree! I have been a customer of Scentsy for years and used to love it because of how long the scents lasted, I had my warmers on 24/7, now the new bars I have purchased don't last even 2 days!

I 100% believe they've changed their ingredients for the boom in production. So sad.

Horseheads, New York, United States #926441

nope I change mine out every 7 days and I can still smell them


Totally agree! I'm new to scentsy bought a warmer and range if different bars and they are all rubbish!

My partner said the same even visitors I ask if they can smell them but they can't really disappointed! And would not recommend to anyone what a waste of money buying a warmer :(

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