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I've been a customer for a couple of years and lately the waxes I'm receiving do not smell no longer then maybe a hour. What is different about them now, not the same at all!

I have 5 burners in my home and can honestly say I'm so disappointed lately with your product. They don't even break like they use to, they kind of bend out of the plastic where they use to cut even! Are you changing your product?

If you are changing the product, it's not for the better for the customer.

Does anyone else seem to agree with me. How do I know that you received this?

Reason of review: Smells.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Most products other then waxes.

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I agree and they raised their prices. I have been a customer for 10 years and the scents used to last for days, now they last only hours.

The only reason why I was staying with scentsy and not a cheaper/more convenient product from a store was because the scent lasted longer. Not anymore, it's now just a waste of money.


I am in agreement and I suspect that Sensty has changed their formula. I too have been a top customer.

My last purchase was a large one. So at first I thought I was choosing ones with little 'throw', Fragrance. Even the ones that had been great now have little fragrance. I will not be buying anymore.

Very disappointed. Something is different ?


So I’m not going crazy. I keep two warmers on the main level of my house.

I used to put two cubes in each, and it would stay strong for a week, and then I would switch it up. Now they hardly last a day.

Also, they leave a weird residue at the bottom of the warmer plate. Been loyal for years, will have to shop around.


Agree 100%, very disappointed & looking for better smell good options.


Totally agree. I thought I was the only one.


I totally agree! I thought it was just me, but now see it’s the company. Is it their way of having us purchase more often by producing a less than acceptable product?


I'm really angry. They claimed that nothing has changed, but it has.

I put brand new cubes in and hour and a half ago, left for a dental appointment and came home to virtually no scent. I'm not paying these prices for crap product.


I've noticed this to and have exactly the same complaint. The wax is not the same.

Super dissappointed...

smell vanishes quickly and wax won't come clean out of container. It's the same consistency as the cheap brands at Wal-Mart.


I’m a first time customer. Bought a beautiful warmer and several wax melts.

I smell nothing. Zip. Nothing. Unless I put my nose right above the warmer.

You are right. It’s a beautiful night light.

No more scentscy for me. They need to fix this ASAP.


Completely agree! I started buying scentsy in 2009.

At the time I was still living with my parents, and I would warm a scent that would sometimes be so strong they'd claim it could run them out of the house. 1 cube would last what seemed like weeks. Fast forward to now, the price is higher on everything, and 1 cube maybe lasts a couple hours, then I have to change it out. I've refused to buy any more product and will be trying out pink zebra or store brands from now on.

Its crystal clear this company has changed its formulas, cheapened its product, and raised the prices. Greedy!


Yes! I completely agree!

I have been a Scentsy (hoarder) customer for about 3 years now, and there is definitely a HUGE difference. They don't smell as strong or as long, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed the texture change.


I agree 100% very *** poor company


I am so disappointed with Scentsy. I have 7 warmers and can honestly say if I turn all of them on at once the house smells great for a couple of hours and then nothing.

They become nothing more than nightlights. I have a drawer full of waxes that I will use up but will never buy another Scentsy product.

I will try some storebrand waxes and I guess I'll at least save some money. It is discouraging to see so many people have the same problem and obviously the company just doesn't care to fix the problem.


I've been using Scentsy wax bars since 2009. They've definitely changed the formula.

I just recently ordered the new Spring, summer and Crystal quartz collection. They all have that similar powdery, perfumey scent. After 3 hours, I cant smell them anymore and I'm left with a headache. I even pulled out some Luna, which has been around.

One with the new logo and butterfly, and one older one with the old logo. Newer Luna smells more perfumey and doesnt last.And there you have it.

Company is using cheaper ingredients, filler base notes, increased the price by $1. They still make their millions, new consultants sign up......only us veteran customers/consultants know its changed.I permanently switched to Pink Zebra; soy, strong, no fillers, lasts for days.


I started buying warmers in 2009 from a friend and I hardly ever had to buy more wax. House smelled great.

FF to 2018 and my wife decided to become a Consultant. I immediately noticed they didn’t smell as strong and it went away after hours, not days. The Scentsy Sponsors say change your temperature on your thermostat one or two degree (not hot or cold), twirl the wax around, clean it better, etc...I mean that one with the Thermostat is some Grade A {{Redacted}} I have to admit lol...the company went cheap to make more money is the bottom line.

Their products got cheaper in quality and higher in prices. An age old tale of greed.

to Steve #1501317

Agree, I posted above you. I'm a long time user from that year too and the change is so obvious!The company isn't stupid.

They're still raking in billions.All the scents this year smell the same and are nauseating. Why do you think they got rid of Happy Birthday? Too expensive!

When they did BBMB with it, it was so much weaker. I actually have the old testers, and that small piece of Happy Birthday is so much stronger than a whole bar!It sickens me that the owners are cutting corners and think we wouldn't notice!Higher up consultants ignore it too.


I thought that it was just me. Ive been ordering from scentsy for years but have found that its so much cheaper to make your own.


Yes totally agree. I noticed the same thing recently and I’m a consultant....it makes me wonder. I should ask scentsy support that!


I totally agree. I have been using scentsy for years and I feel the same way!

No one in my house can smell the scents anymore. I try new things, old favorites and scents of the months....NOTHING.

I am highly disappointed in the product now. It is sad.

to Anonymous #1475304

Me too! Just googled this because I. Thought “I can’t be the only one” who isn’t smelling their bars.

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